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Honeymoon Planning – Things To Know

The most exciting thing that newly married couples look forward to is the honeymoon. During the wedding, the couples are often surrounded by several relatives and friends. Thus, a honeymoon offers an opportunity to detach from the crowds and be intimate with each other. A honeymoon is a chance for the couple to discover more about each other. So, every couple will have a honeymoon destination in mind.

Beach destinations always feature among the top honeymoon destinations. Not all people may want to splurge on luxury destinations like the Maldives or Bora Bora. A Sri Lanka tourpackage is an affordable yet dreamy option for such people. For international honeymoon packages at different price ranges, visit Arcadiavacations.

Also, it is only a myth that one can dream of international honeymoon packages only if one is rich. Here are some hacks for people on a budget and yet want to have an international honeymoon experience.

Tips for couples on a budget

·         Plan the destination in advance

The sooner you book the tickets, the cheaper they are. Couples on a budget have to finalize the destination at least six to eight months in advance. This way, they can get the packages at the best prices. Also, check the months during which the destination is crowded. If it doesn't interfere with the destination's activities, the couple may choose to visit during the off-season.

·         Choose all-inclusive packages

While looking for honeymoon packages, one must make it a habit to read the fine print. Some packages do not include flight and food costs. To avoid unpleasant surprises and additional costs, it is always better to choose a honeymoon package covering all the costs – flights, accommodation, transfers, food and insurance.

·         Discuss payment options

The travel and tourism industry has grown into a much competitive one. To attract more customers, travel agencies offer discounts on online payments and the use of certain credit/debit cards. Rather than paying the full amount, it is better to discuss the various options that the chosen travel agency accepts. Then, choose the more profitable mode.

Additional tips

There is a general perception that one can save money only if they plan tours on their own, but not when they choose a tour package. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

While on a tour package, couples can inquire with the locals about the different places they can hangout. It is in the tourist-y places that local vendors try to fleece visitors. Interaction with locals can help couples discover places beyond what typical tourists see. It is an effective way to save money.

If couples plan to visit an island, it is better to discuss the hotel's transfer options in advance. In some countries like the Maldives and Indonesia, where the only affordable way to travel between islands is by sea, ferries and speed boats run on a schedule. To avoid long waiting times due to poor planning, it is advisable to look up the ferry schedules beforehand. To avoid hassles, couples may plan their honeymoon through a reliable and experienced agency like Arcadiavacations.

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