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4 Important Things to Know Before Opting for Breast Augmentation

So you think you may need breast augmentation surgery? Commonly known as a boob job and officially known as augmentation mammoplasty, it aims to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts, so they look aesthetic, with silicone or saline implants generally.

Before you appoint a board-certified practitioner, make sure to conduct thorough research. Doing so will bring forward a wide range of facts and help you arrive at a decision seamlessly. For instance, insurance will not cover breast augmentation since it is performed for cosmetic reasons. You can get coverage on the reductions as large breasts cause neck and/or back pain, hampering your health.

Others include:

1.      Beware Of the Minimally Invasive Options

A renowned breast surgeon Fairfax said while it must be quite tempting to choose a procedure such as fat grafting for achieving the desired look, the outcome from fat grafting is challenging to predict that the one from a breast augmentation. 50% of the fat would not even survive, and it is just not possible to know which fat would survive and which would not, and this changes the effects drastically.

2.      Find Out the Kind Of Incision

Four kinds of incisions are used during a breast augmentation surgery – areolar (around the nipple), transaxillary (inside the armpit), transumbilical (in the stomach), and inframammary (beneath the breast).

If you have a small areola – the pigmented portion encompassing the nipple-areolar incision will pose difficulties. Talk to the doctor to finalize the incision you would have. Many women prefer the underarm incision because it enables them to put on tank tops without hassle.

3.      Check the Doctor’s Online Presence

The people who are planning on undertaking breast augmentation Chevy Chase MD or in any other location of their choice, must check the online presence of the doctor they appointed.

It is not uncommon for patients to find doctors through Snapchat and Instagram. These social media platforms, when used correctly, can indicate one’s efficiency, experience, and credibility. The patients also get to know about the doctor’s specialization and his/her personality traits – Does he/she respond to comments with patience? Does he/she reply to the DMs immediately?

Know that the results you come across must not be used as the sole determinant. Go to the official website to see the before and after images. Also, talk to a doctor’s former patients. They can tell you the type of treatment they received.

4.      Never Size Up Excessively

The most significant thing in case of breast augmentation surgery is choosing the implant with caution. The implant you select must not be too large for your body structure. Studies have shown that about 45% of mistakes committed in breast augmentation come down to inappropriate size selection.

It is a definite red flag if the doctor does not recommend the size you can safely reach without any sort of complications. An abnormally big implant will compel the breast tissue and the surrounding muscles to become thin, and this is hard to reverse.

The experts carrying out Alexandria cosmetic surgery for quite some time said women need to ask themselves a few questions before they go under the knife – Why do I want a breast augmentation? How much my present situation troubles me? Am I excited? Can I afford to take time off the work and gym? Will I be able to endure the prolonged recovery period? Sign on the dotted line only when cent percent sure.

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