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What's the Best Way For Losing Pregnancy Weight?

Pregnancy marks the beginning of a new chapter in a woman's life. As our baby grows in the belly, we feel more hungry, we eat a lot and gain weight during pregnancy and after childbirth, and this worries us, OUR BODY gets bigger. 

Most women have a hard time rebuilding their sexual body after pregnancy, but they don't know that losing weight to become sexy after pregnancy is easy with determination. Basically, you need to eat the right food and exercise, but these needs to be handled with care, especially if you have just given birth and are breastfeeding. You won't want to see a doctor again because of stitches, bleeding, or even having an unhealthy baby.


No-no postpartum diet, you need foods that contain protein, iron, and folic acid for your baby's development and growth, and for your health as he is still recovering. Stay away from fast food, these foods is high in calories, and exercise like walking. The best you can do, especially during the first few months while your baby is still asleep, while you push the stroller through the park, do a few squats to strengthen your stomach after pregnancy, and Kegel exercise to strengthen your pelvic muscles and always. Make sure you drink enough water.

If you have a lot of self-discipline, you can of course just put together a few exercises that you can do at home. Some women wait six months after giving birth to exercise to bring sensuality to the body, or better yet, ask your doctor before starting any exercise to be sure, but if you feel like your body is ready, do this is a girl, but when you feel pain, stress, or even bleeding, stop the exercise. There is nothing wrong with stopping it for a few weeks or even months. You are not alone in this, most women gain weight afterwards.

The best confinement food Singapore goes hand in hand with the weight you want to lose. The correct diet is very important. Junk food is not a food group. Stay away from junk food during this time. This is the time when your body needs to eat fruits, vegetables and grains. A good calorie intake for a young mom is 1800 calories.

Sleep will also be a factor in weight loss. On average, a young mother needs at least 8 hours of sleep for her to consistently lose weight. It will be difficult due to the nature of your child. When your child sleeps during the day, you should try to take a nap at the same time.

A good balance of exercise after pregnancy, including stretching and healthy eating, will pay off. So you better focus on your goal. Remember that life with a new baby must be easy, happy, and impossible, and ultimately it will be most beneficial to your overall goal, both physically and emotionally. So go girl, be sexy and healthy.

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