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What is Group Health Insurance and how can it help your business?

About 9 million people in Singapore work the night shift. These people are more prone to various health problems than day laborers. With the increasing health problems among these employees and the increasing medical costs, it is time to choose adequate health insurance, such as group health insurance.


Sleepless nights, lack of proper nutrition, and the development of bad habits such as smoking and drinking are major causes of increased health problems in those who work night shifts. A recent study found that women who work night shifts are more likely to develop breast cancer because melatonin levels are significantly reduced when exposed to light at night. Moreover, it can also lead to serious complications during pregnancy.


This type of change increases the chances of developing cancer. On the other hand, night shifts are no less harmful for men. Working at night can lead to serious health problems such as colon and rectal cancer, digestive problems and high blood pressure, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels can lead to serious cardiovascular disease.


If this type of work is continued for a long time, colon and rectal cancers can develop due to low melatonin levels. Night shifts also create other health problems such as constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, insomnia, psychological problems, and more. Women, especially pregnant women, should not work night shifts as this increases the likelihood of miscarriages.


Plus, it also causes vitamin D deficiency, which causes bone problems in both men and women. Such violations often lead to various health problems, people cannot get enough sleep and rest after work, since most of them are loners who stay with any paying guest and rent apartments with friends. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and a host of other problems.


All of the health problems listed above requires huge medical costs, including expensive tests, medications, hospitalization, and medical expenses. It is difficult enough to change this work habit, and even more difficult to stop these growing health problems.


Adequate health insurance, such as group insurance Singapore, offers significant monetary support to the employees of a particular organization, members of the community, etc. Those people who work the same shift can choose this policy and, if necessary, receive benefits.


Since a large number of people are insured under the plan, the premium per capita is also reduced, making the purchase affordable. The full amount with a minimum premium allows employees to share the amount with the employer, making this insurance beneficial in all respects. Be sure to read the policy statement carefully before signing it.

NCD option allows employers to inform their employees about the level of discount offered by the company. The employee then has to decide whether he wants to opt for this group health insurance or not.

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