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How does HRIS Software add value to your organization?

In this tech- savvy generation a simplified application can increase the efficiency of any organization. According to a survey it has been found that organizations equipped with a web based application have an increased productivity in comparison to the organization functioning with system based applications. HRIS, abbreviated for human resource information system is an essential bit for any human resource management. HRIS software is one such application that assists in functions related to HRIS.


Let’s delve into how an application such as HRIS software can add value to any organization:

Management of absence

It is a tedious process to manage numerous employees on a daily basis. Management of leaves on huge files or spreadsheets has huge room for error. HRIS software allows the employee to update his/her own attendance notifying the HRM of the number of employees engaged in projects initiated by the organization on an ongoing basis.

Empowerment of the employee

A self servicing portal is meant to enhance the employee experience as it imparts the trust an employer has on his/her employees. Easy access to the data via credentials provided by the IT team is to empower the employee.to update his/her attendance which is later on transmitted to the payroll department to generate the salary of the employee at the end of each month. It abets in building a transparent bridge between the employee and the employer.


Recruitment has been a major challenge during the pandemic. HRIS software has assisted the HRs to proceed with the recruitment while working from remote locations.  Once a candidate accepts the offer letter he/she acknowledges the invasion of right to privacy that will be invaded to proceed with the background check and storing the required data to ensure that the organization has confirmed the candidates association with the organization.

Learning and development

With the upgraded versions of the applications organizations aim to train their employees to ensure a smooth transition from the existing application. HRMS software provides a portal for the employees with easy access to training sessions. This feature is highly effective for the newly hired employees in the initial stages. An employee facing hurdles to cope with the organization's work can access these portals and schedule training sessions in accordance with the requirements. It assists the HRs to maintain training programs for the employees who are serving in the probationary period.

Benefits administration

Organizations aim to provide benefits and rewards as recognition for hard work to boost the motivation of the employees. These benefits have certain eligibility criteria that an employee has to fit in in order to claim these benefits. HRIS software aids in storing data of each employee. These informations include employee date of joining and data of his/her life cycle, assisting the HR to identify the eligible employees for the benefits. it notifies the employee about the eligibility criteria and the procedure to claim these benefits.

Workflow management

An organization is officially registered under government with the details of all its employees. It is the organization's responsibility to keep a detailed record of the employees associated with the organization which indicates huge files. HRIS software abets in managing data related to numerous employees, and the organization. This feature saves the HRM of managing huge files or spreadsheets minimizing the workload of the human resource management team. Data being a valuable asset of any organization assists is stored in a secured environment. HRIS protects the data which can be assessed via credentials provided by the IT team.

These are a few such essential elements which can increase the efficiency of any organization. Having said that it is imperative to have a well equipped IT environment to ensure a smooth functioning of these applications. As a well established IT team can save the organization from any unannounced crises that could be a result of minor glitch faced by the HRIS software. So a wise way to opt for an HRIS software would be to gain adequate knowledge about the HRIS application along with the requirements of the organization.

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