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Crucial things to check before buying flats


Everyone dreams of owning a house these days. Even if it is not possible to build a house, but one can always manage to buy a flat which they can call their own home. But one must not get lured by the glossy booklets that are provided by the developers. One has to look for more important thing before they decide to buy one.

Buying a property in India is one of the most crucial decisions that one has to take. When one is looking for a 1 BHK in Kalwa they must look them on the basis of proper verification. Here are some major things that one has to keep on check when they are buying a flat:

Ensure that it is a litigation free land-

Even before one invests in a flat, one has to make sure that one must enquire about the litigation of the land. The land has to be free from any kind of legal issues. If it has some then one can end up abandoning the flat and that too for some invalid reasons. It is also a good idea to check the approved plan by the builder and if the flat is already under construction then one can ask for a commencement certificate from the builder.

Government permitted land-

The land on which the flat is being constructed must have permission from the government when it comes to construction purposes. It should come under the category of the buildable land. If it is not then it can fall under the illegal construction.

Property taxes-

It is very crucial to pay the property tax of the land on a regular basis. The payment needs to be up to date and the builder must provide the buyers with a receipt of the latest tax payments.

The ownership of the flat-

The investor must ensure that the flat has the right ownership and it has surpassed all of the needed legal formalities. One has to ensure that the flat they are going to own has been legally built.

Flat pricing-

Another major aspect here is to compare and check the flat prices. One has to ensure that they are well aware of the current market price and the price that is being offered has to match the carpet area and the built-up area.

Stamp duty-

The stamp duty has to be paid only when the flat is purchased and one must take help of the builder in order to get to know about any sort of hidden costs. The complete price must include registration, stamp duty and other charges.


The investor must make sure that they are well aware of all the facilities that are provided by the flat. If not, then they must make sure that they know everything before buying.

When looking for 2 BHK in Kalwa one can do a bit of research online and see the constructions that are happening there. Then one can check the prices and compare them before going ahead with it.

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