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Can I earn Paytm cash by playing games on android phone?


You are having an android mobile but you want to earn Paytm cash from your mobile number.But the issue is you don’t know how to do it exactly, but since you love to play games and want to earn Paytm money by playing games. But the only thing that is Stopping you is that you are not sure whether you can really earn cash by playing games or not and you also don’t know about the application that really pay Paytm cash for playing games.

Well there are various types of games online, quiz games and if you have a good knowledge about history, science, Hollywood or Bollywood.

Second type of game is multiplayer games where you have to defeat your opponent in order to win the game.

The 3rd type of app is called play and win, where you don’t have any competition with anyone all you have to do is play the game and if you beat the game you will earn money

The 4th type games are fantasy games where you have to play cricket, football and you have to predict and if your prediction does well you can earn money.

The 5th type of game is beat the score where if you beat the score of other players you can earn Paytm cash

Now that you know about the various type of games but the thing is you want to earn Paytm cash from playing quiz games or multiplayer games right?

Now you have come to the right place because I will be sharing views on can someone really earn Paytm money from games and also some apps that will help increase your general knowledge and earn.

Can I earn by playing games on smartphone?

Yes surely you can earn Paytm cash by playing games on smartphone, there are numerous games that can be played That can be downloaded on the smartphone and you can earn Paytm cash by playing these games now today in this blog post we will be discussing about some of the best apps to earn Paytm cash by playing games.Now you’re confused does these apps really pay money or not but let me tell you that most of the applications pay you real money when you play games on these applications some applications pay higher money and some applications pay low money it all depends upon how you will play the game if you will go for the free games you will earn very less amount of money but if you go for paid tournaments you can earn very huge amount of money. Various applications have both free and they tournaments you can play free tournaments and once you earn coins you can play paid tournaments with these coins no the earning duty depends upon the application you are using. But bear in mind some applications have minimum withdrawal that mean is often earning a particular amount you can withdraw it into your Paytm wallet let’s say if you earn $3 but the minimum withdraw is $5 you cannot withdraw your money into your Paytm account unless and until you have not earned at least $5.There are some applications where you have to complete some tasks in order to withdraw your money such tasks such as referring two or three friends, regular sign in for seven days

Basically these applications pay money when a user deposits or bets some amount of money another player also bet some amount of money let’s say you have paid entry fees of $5 and another player has also paid $5 what will happen the player that will win the match he will get his $5 back as well as he will get 3 or $4 of the opponent who lost the game and $1 or $2 earning will go to the application so just by paying entry fees or just by investing $5 into a game you are getting 7 or $8.00 back

Now I hope it’s good to you that how can you earn Paytm cash from playing games now the next thing that we will discuss is about the best applications that you should try if you really want to earn money by playing games and you can you can withdraw your earnings into Paytm wallet, PayPal or through bank transfer.

1.Frizza app

In this application you have to complete some daily tasks in order to earn pay TM cash this is the reason I have put this app on the first list because this application is really easy to use even if you are not a pro game player you can still earn money from this application now the tasks that you have to complete are totally digital tasks that means you have to complete task is only on your mobile phone if I talk about what type of task is you have to complete, You have to download other applications or you have to try other services and by downloading these application or by trying these services the application will give you a reward you can also reference friends to this application so that you can earn a  little extra

2.Galo app

Now Galo is it totally amazing application why so?

Because on goal oh you cannot only play games to earn Paytm cash but you can also try other features such as a referee or friends such as you will also earn from daily check-ins you can also spin the wheel, scratch the card, watch videos and earn more cash.

Isn’t it great because if you don't like playing games or if you have a lot of friends and you won't earn extra money then this application is totally perfect for you because it pays you ₹250 for the first time when you refer some friends

3.Dream 11

Dream 11 you may have heard the name of the application because it is one of the famous applications out there. Yes this is a fantasy application and that’s the reason why I am writing about this application. This application pay you a lot of money if you are really interested in fantasy apps or you have amazing knowledge about cricket.

People have already started to earn a lot of money from this application no it's your turn to try your luck and to earn money

So tell me which application do you like the most but remember most of these applications are not available on play store so you may need to download it from Google. You can also check these best refer and earn apps if you wish to earn more Paytm cash.

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