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Attractive Highlights Of Dual Occupancy House Designs In Melbourne That Make It Different From Other House Type


Whether it’s for investment purposes or luxury living, dual occupancy house design has no match. Today’s modern lifestyles needdual occupancy house designs in Melbourne for comfort and luxurious living. If you want to make the best utilization of your space, dual living modern house design allows you to build two quality dwellings in theeconomical and stylish way.

A dual occupancy property represents a distinctive type of property where a piece of land retains one title when two dwellings are constructed on it.  Such homes can generate a great ROI opportunity where it is possible to rent one side of the house while living in the other. All you need is to do a thorough search of affordable dual occupancy house builders in Melbourne having experience in designing modern yet functional dual home designs that could give investors (first home buyers) the flexibility as well as freedom while maximizing potential returns from the piece of the land. Only an experienced builder can help you weigh the options and decide which is the right package for your requirements, budget, and lifestyle.

Major Highlights Of Dual Occupancy House Designs

Dual occupancy homes are currently considered to be the wisest investment sector. Investing in such property allows for a room of benefit to avail a great return on your investment.

Higher returns- With the selection of affordable dual occupancy house and land packages in Melbourne, come to a great return on investment opportunity. By choosing an ideal dual occupancy house design from the builder, you will gain the ability to collect rent from two separate dwelling portion of your house. Owing to a dual occupancy home enhances your earning source plus enables you to get a higher return on investment. Not only this much, but you will also be able to repay the loan that you have taken to purchase the land & home since you will be essentially be recouping rent on two separate properties.

Enjoy privacy- One of the major highlights of dual occupancy home design is that it offers more privacy both to the landlords as well as paying guests. Affordable dual occupancy house builders in Melbourne design the home in such a precise way that it seems like two different, spacious properties built in two ideal lands, but the reality is that they’re built on the same land. Since there is a scope to maintain your privacy, renting out a dual occupancy home becomes easy.

Build equity- When a dual occupancy home is built under the strata title it allows the dwellings to be valued as two separate homes. This means with such modern living homes you can sell your dual occupancy home separately. By deciding to split the area of the land to make a modern dual occupancy home in Melbourne, you are creating a substantial equity uplift by constructing two separate dwellings and selling them individually.

Builders have an array of trending house designs to suit you and your particular requirements. Such innovative home designs are unique in their structure and are trending among homeowners as their architectural stance has upgraded to a more livable standard. Holding unique benefits in the real estate market, the demand for dual occupancy home designs is increasing and is being considered by first home buyers due to its great ROI possibilities. With an affordable dual occupancy house and land packages in Melbourne, you can maximize the potential of your investment!

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