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5 Types of engagement ring to buy as per your budget

There are wide arrays of options when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Some people have heirloom rings they get from their mother or grandmother. The heirloom rings are the cheaper option than buying a new engagement ring. The most common saying is to spend your two months' salary on your engagement ring. But it is not always the case, apart from the ring; you will have to count the other expenses for your engagement and wedding. So the budget options vary from person to person. Some people will like the gleam, whereas some people like the simple and subtle look. Let us see different types of engagement rings ranging from low budget to high.

Wedding bands

Wedding bands are nothing but a ring, with a series of small similar sized diamonds, it gives the appearance of a band. Usually, the bands are gifted for any milestone in a relationship. This gives a simple yet elegant look on your finger. You can choose different metals like platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. As the diamonds are going to be small, it will be on the cheaper side.

Gemstone ring

The next option is to choose a half or 0.75-carat solitaire. And you can surround that with small diamonds. This will give the look of the classic engagement ring. If you would like to add more sparkle to the ring, you can go for the ring with similar size small diamonds. This gives the illusion of the solitaire, and it looks bigger until one noticed it clearly. Another option is a ring, with a gemstone other than a diamond in the center and small diamonds surrounding it.

Fancy shape ring

If you want to go on a little higher in the budget, you can buy a diamond in one carat and using a halo setting. This makes the center diamond look bigger. You can find plenty of beautiful fancy style Engagement rings in Hatton Garden. The quality of the solitaire also contributes to the price of the ring. You can cut down the cost by various options, like choosing a solitaire which is not a premium quality one, and choosing a setting like a princess, emerald, or Asscher cut instead of going for a round cut.

Premium quality solitaire ring

If you go higher on your budget, you can choose the premium quality solitaire of around one or 1.5 carats. Though the round setting is the expensive setting, it is the everlasting style you can choose. To make the ring more lustrous, add the small diamonds around the solitaire, and if you want, you can add small diamonds in the band as well.

Coloured diamond ring

The price of the solitaire rises exponentially as the size increases. If you are ready to

Spend more, you can choose a diamond of a bigger size. On the other hand, the different colored diamonds like pink or blue diamonds will cost multiple times than the similar-sized solitaire. The color and clarity are the important factors that contribute to the price and beauty of the engagement ring. The Engagement rings hatton garden uses premium quality diamonds and depending upon your budget, you can buy them for the best price in the market.

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