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Which Certification Will Help You Land a Good-paying HR job?

The times are changing; human resources has undergone significant transformation. Human resource professionals need to reskill themselves and equip themselves with advanced skills to move ahead in their career. HRcertifications can help professionals and fresh graduates to learn the skills and grow in their career and break into an HR career respectively. Certification courses in HR, online training and workshops, are beneficial in this regard.

According to a PayScale report, an HR certification can increase salary by as much as 13.5%. Further, getting a certification increases chances of promotion by as much as 15%. Taking an HR certification, therefore, is helpful in taking an HR career to the next level. A certification is especially helpful for fresh graduates from non-related discipline looking to breaking into an HR career. Therefore, fresh graduates and experienced professionals looking to increase their salary should focus on taking best HR certifications.

Pre-requisites for an HR Career

To start a career in human resources, you require a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Further, an HR certification is helpful and significantly increase chances in both cases – breaking into a job and boosting an HR career. The following are a few globally –recognized HR certifications for beginners and mid-level professionals. 

Best HR Certifications

PHR (Professional in Human Resources) –
This is an entry –level certification offered by the Human Resources Certification Institute ( HRCI). PHR is a global certification respected and valued across the globe. It equips you with all the necessary skills—employment/labor laws, talent planning and acquisitions, and learning and development necessary to kick start a career in human resources. PHR is one the best HR certificationsin the industry for fresh graduates.

SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) –This is a mid-level HR certification for HR professionals looking to gain advance skills and move further in their career. SPHR focuses on equipping professionals with leadership skills that can help in leading HR departments. Additionally, candidates learn the skills to engage and build relationship with employees.

If you’re a mid-level HR professional looking to move into a leadership role, SPHR will be an ideal credential to attain.

TMP (Talent Management Practitioner) –Amid surging war for talent, talent management is increasingly becoming a priority for organizations. Thus, organizations are looking for talent management professionals who are well-versed with the craft of talent management. TMPTM  opens doors to talent management by equipping candidates with essential talent management skills and practices.

If you’re a fresh graduate looking to break into talent management, TMPTM  will be an ideal credential to attain. TMP is offered by the Talent Management Institute, a pioneering talent management certification.

STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner) – This is a mid-level talent management certification offered by the Talent Management Institute. STMPTM is a high-value credential for working HR professionals who want to learn the nitty –gritty of talent management, break into talent management, or accelerate career as a talent management professional.

SHRM- CP (Certified Professional) –Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) is a pioneer in human resource management certifications. Certified Professional (CP) is an entry –level certification for working HR professionals with little experience who want to equip themselves with advance skills and gain exposure to working career. SHRM-CP is a highly –coveted certification in the HR industry. This certification will help you break into an HR career.

SHRM- SCP (Senior Certified Professional) – SCP is a high –value HR credential for mid—and senior – level HR professionals who are responsible for building HR strategy and crafting policies. 

If you’re looking to move to a leadership position, this is the credential to get.

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