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Valentine’s Day Flowers For An Allergic Person

Everybody looks forward to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Sweets, gathering, flowers, gifts and soft toys makes the most of this occasion. The whole environment is beautiful and vibrant. In this happy time, you would hate to have runny noses, itchy eyes caused by allergies that would interrupt your celebrations. Allergies by flowers are very prominent during Valentine’s Day because all these blooming plants are around. People who are sensitive to some flowers can have a very hard time during thisspecial day. However, this doesn’t mean that these people have to miss out on the beauty of Valentine’s Day and fresh flowers.

There are several alternatives available for flowers that don’t contain any allergens. If you want to send flowers to India, go to Gifts N Roses. Here is the complete list of non-allergic flowers you can opt for sending flowers on Valentine’s Day.


They are extremely beautiful and non-allergic flowers. They come in several colours and shades. Hence, they are a good floral gift option forValentine’s Day. You can send them to your boyfriend/girlfriend asValentine’s Day giftor to complement other gifts. The most popular colour of Daffodils is pink along with Burgundy. These are easily available in flower markets and on onlineflower shop such as giftsnroses.com.


The hosta plant is totally stunning and comes in several different shades and hues. Along with this, it is beneficial to people who are hypersensitive to their environment. They are usually found and grown in cold weather and are very good air-purifiers. They come in various colours like pink, blue, white and purple. You can get them by opting for online flower delivery in Mumbai or any other city from giftsnroses.com


You don’t need to worry about carnations if you are sensitive to blooming flowers. Even though they contain pollen, it is highly unlikely for their pollen to be air-borne. Hence, they are completely safe for an allergic person. These flowers usually grow in tropical weather. However, with greenhouses and temperature control, they are available all year round. Therefore, they are a good option if you are looking for online flowers this Valentine’s Day.


Usually, allergic people are sensitive to lotus flowers. However, it is possible to modify some flowers according to your liking. To make Lotus allergen-free, you just have to cut off the stamen. So, in case you are gifting them to somebody who is sensitive to pollen, be sure to remove the stamen.


These flowers come in various colors, shades and hues. They made a perfect vibrant decoration for Valentine’s Day. They also contain pollen but it is completely stuck to the flower and won’t cause any allergic reaction. They are completely safe for pollen-sensitive people. They are also very low-maintenance, making them very easy to grow and work with. Their colors are used as natural food extracts. Hence, peonies are a great option if you want to grow flowers or send them as Valentine’s Day flowers.


Yes, Orchids are completely safe and good for pollen-sensitivity. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes. So, if you are looking for variety, go for orchids. They come in colors like, pink, red, orange, yellow, peach, red or in blended colors. Whatever you choose, you can be completely sure that it will not shed pollen or cause any allergic-reaction.


Hydrangeas are another great option to use this Valentine’s Day. They are free of any allergens and completely safe for people with hypersensitive noses. These flowers will look extremely beautiful as a decoration or as a gift to loved ones on Diwali. You can buy Hydrangeas easily from local markets and florists. You can even order them online to avoid any kid of hassle.


Irises have a very sweet and slight smell. They are beneficial for people with pollen and hypersensitivity as they can breathe easily in its fragrance. Like most flowers, they also make pollen but these pollen particles are stuck completely to the flowers keeping the people around safe. Opt for Irises if you want to have a beautiful and allergy free Valentine’s Day.


Daisies also produce extremely low pollen and are good for hypersensitive noses. Moreover, they are extremely beautiful and add elegance to every space they are kept in. If you are looking to send flowers to Delhi to gift on Valentine’s Day, then opt for Daisies without any doubt.

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