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The Trend of Chunky Necklace


Young girls love styling jewellery, and everyone has their style. These days there are plenty of options available like a set of rings, or a sleek dainty bracelet, hoops or studs, chunky neckpieces, or layered chains. These simple jewellery elements enhance the whole look of the outfit and bring out the personality. Some like to throw everything which gives them a bold look, and some prefer a simple look by adding either a bracelet, chains, hoops, or studs. It depends on the personality of one being how they want to look. 

The trend of the chunky necklace is back. It was one of the most followed trends in the mid-90s when everyone used to rock in the statement or chunky necklaces. Also, consider that throwing on heavy neckpieces will not make you a diva but styling it in a manner that suits your personality will. Not everyone can carry chunky necklaces elegantly. Chunky jewellery can add an eye-catching statement to any outfit. But excess of the jewellery can make your look crowd and messy. You will get many options and varieties of chunky necklace online. There are numerous styles, and you can even pair and style them with a traditional outfit. If rightly done, undoubtedly you will steal the attention. 

Following are some of the ways how to rock a chunky necklace:

Prefer simple outfits- If you are in the mood to wear a chunky necklace, it is always advisable to wear a simple and loose outfit. Maybe a loose t-shirt or a plain straight western dress will work with a heavy chunky necklace. The chunky necklace will always balance with a simple outfit.

Don’t overdo- If you have chosen a chunky necklace to wear, don’t prefer heavy earrings or a heavy bracelet with it. Choose simple studs or hoop or sleek chain bracelets to complete the look. A pair of rings will also look aesthetically pleasing with a chunky necklace.

Wear solid colours- Patterned outfit never goes with a chunky necklace. Neutral solid colours will enhance the statement jewellery of yours. If preferring gold or silver coloured chunky necklace, go for neutral coloured clothes.

Neckline- Chunky necklace always goes with high or low necklines. If paired with mid necklines, the chunky necklace won’t balance with it as it may break the look. So always prefer it with deep necks, V-necks, boat neck, crew neck, sweetheart or strapless outfits.

Never layer- Always keep in mind that a single chunky necklace is enough to grab the attention. Layering is not suitable for chunky statement jewellery. You can pair it with some delicate jewelleryPieces.

So above are some tips to style chunky necklaces effortlessly. Always remember less is more in the case of chunky jewellery. So, avoid throwing layers and layers on your outfit even if it looks good. A single piece is enough to grab attention. For your convenience, you can buy chunky necklace online where you will get amazing offers with a wide variety. You can rely on these websites but make sure you choose a genuine and reputed one before shopping.

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