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Story Behind Nalapad Haris’s Success

Mohammad Haris Nalapad is the son of Nalapad Ahmed Haris. You all well know that NalapadHaris is an Indian businessman as well as politician of the Indian National congress party. Years back NalapadHaris father runned a buttermilk shop near the Cantonment Railway Station in Vasanth Nagar. After some years in the year 1960 NalapadHaris father Mohammed came to Kasargod Karnataka. After he arrivetheplace he not even has a penny.

Later he set up a metal scrapping shop. But he wanted to start business in Bangalorethus he started to work in Government construction projects. A project that helped his standard to uplift is that Upper Krishna Project. In this project he earned a lot that’s what makes him to set up Hotel Bangalore International. Nalapad Ahmed Hariswas born in the year of 1966. After that alone Mohammed Nalapadstarted Nalapad Group of Hotels in the year 1978.

By the year of 1997, Nalapad Ahmed Haris joined in his family business. But you know after he stepped in their business spits into so many. It includes Nalapad Pipes, NalapadSurakrsha, NalapadInfotech and Nalapad Energy. In this list Nalapad Group’s Nalapad International School also come. These are the various businesses of Nalapad.

About Nalapad Ahmed Haris:

Nalapad Ahmed Haris become the MLA of Shanthi Nagar assembly constituency in the year 2008 Karnataka legislative Assembly when he was 41. Later he started a foundation named as Nalapad Ahmed Haris foundation to do charitable work. By means of his foundation he did so many things and helps people to the core. Again he became the Shanthi Nagar assembly MLA constituency in 2013.

In the year 2017, NalapadHaris’s 28 years old son named Mohammed became the General Secretary of Bengaluru Youth Congree. After that he was re-elected in the year 2018 as well from Shanthi Nagar.

About Mohammad HarisNalapad:

Mohammad Haris Nalapad is going to act in a Bollywood movie very soon. He was born in the year 1990. A thing you want to notice in Mohammed is that he never ever misses any opportunity to shine in life. From childhood he is having interest in acting movie. He studied at Bishop Cotton Boys School and he done his college in St. Joseph’s college. Whenever any dramas conducted he never missed and chooses leader, actor and a motivator role.

He completed Masters in Hospitality from Emirated Academy UAE plus he was given with the title called Hero of the masses. This is what make him to act in movies. While asking about the reason behind the acting career he said that he wants to make some changes in the society not only in the Shanthi Nagar he is willing to bring some changes in whole India.

Thus he is going to do a film in Bollywood very soon. Not only in the movies for sure he is going to bring some dramatic changes in the society with no doubt. This is what his success story.

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