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How Can I Unlock Thermal Scope? – Guide

Thermal scopes are generally used for hunting at night. But they are not only used for hunting purposes but also in other areas of life.

They are used by army personnel during the night. They operate on heat, so professionals use them to detect warmth at night.

As well as,

They can detect things at the range of 1500m away. They are also used by firefighters so they can see people through it and save lives.

This is not it,

They are also used by farmers so they can see the animals that attack their farms at night.

They are worth having not only for the above-mentioned reason but for many others.

Planning to get one?

If you want to get yourself one then you check at best thermal scope in this one you will get all the necessary details about the best thermal scopes.

For this article,

I am going to tell you step by step guide on that how can hunters unlock a thermal scope. And also how to get accuracy over it.

So let’s get into it,  

How Can I Unlock Thermal Scope

If you want your thermal scope to unlock properly then you need to follow the following mentioned steps.

Ready to get started,

Preparing A Work Space

First thing first, for this purpose firstly you have to set a proper workspace and make sure that you are having suitable equipment for it.

In addition to your thermal scope and rifle, there is plenty of stuff you will need for this purpose. In which, a workbench, rifle base, good quality screwdrivers, scope rings, etc. are included.


Consult with the instructions that come with the thermal scope. These will also go to help you.

Secure the Bases

Before starting anything it is necessary that make sure that the rifle is not loaded, detach the bolt and point your rifle in some safe direction.

After that,

Put your gun on the rifle cradle. Now use any types of best degreasing agent to get rid of all the traces of oil and grease from the base of the rifle, screws, and rings.

If your rifle is built upon a receiver already then you can simply move on to the next step.

If it is not then after the step of degreasing you have to mount the scope on your rifle.

Mounting Of Rings

After securing the bases, you have to mount the rings to the base of the riffle. You do not need to use the scope to pivot the rings.

Just like the bases you are going to mount your rings as the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Once you are done with this step now you can remove the upper half of the rings to keeping them in a safe place.

Eye Relief

Now you will place the scope on the rings, after replacing the half of rings start to tighten your screw lightly.

Now, take the rifle in your hand and point it or aim it on the pointed object like you normally does.

Move the thermal scope back and forth for adjustment and eye relief. For the adjustment of eye relief, you have to move the scope and not your scope.

Tighten screws

 After all the above-mentioned steps, it is time to tighten up screws but carefully and after all the screws have been tightening by taking into account that your scope and rifle are on the same level, all you need is to check that everything is on the level.


All in all, thermal scopes are the best option if you are into night hunting, and for unlocking purposes, you should consider the above-mentioned points.

And for the maximum security of your scope apply some drops of Loctite that is best for scope mounting.

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