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Can you get a pass percentage in the entrance examination of CFA?

In our modern world, every field includes many competitors which givesa great challenge to people for getting their dream job in that domain. Likewise, Charter Holder also maintains tough competitions between candidates. It is hard to clear the CFA level 1 test series because this is the first filtration process of this job. The major benefit of this situation is one may easily know their standings and knowledge level. It boosts their mind to improve themselves and makes his brain to face all challenges bravely. One can beat this exam only by practicing and preparing. You should not worry about the number of attempts. You will get huge benefits in one day. Previous year question papers, study materials, and answers will give adequate knowledge from the learning of this course.

Are you capable of facing this toughest challenge?

You may feel real pain in writing every exam conducting in the training sessions of tutorials and online classes. After crossing these difficulties, you will achieve your dream job. Develop your confidence after appearing in four practice exams. So, you can identify your weakness and strengthen your knowledge. Various methodologies are followed by coaching centres to carry out different badges of students. So, you should never delay your preparation. If you do this error, then the next badge candidates will beat you and move in front of you. Try to give tough competition to your competitors. Never resists spending some amount of money buying books, articles, guides, reference materials, and notes. This will not make you successful in your career.

Do you know the timings of the level 1 test?

Exams are conducted based on paper-based and computer-based tests. The paper-based tests can be carried out in two sessions. Nearly 120 one-word questions and answers are included in the morning and afternoon schedule and the result percentage can be calculated after completing 240 questions.  The computer-based CFA level 1 test series also includes the forenoon and evening period. But, students should take only two and a half hours to complete a total of 180 questions which are separated into equal half for each timing. Both these types of exams include all necessary topics of financial management. Please answer all these questions patiently and never leaves any one of them. This is because many candidates miss their opportunity in point percentage.

How many hours do you spend preparing the level 1 syllabus?

Every student must customize their learnings and preparations by allocating schedules for studying and attending coaching classes conducted by top training institutes. You need to spend nearly three hundred thirty hours on preparation. Sometimes, it is not enough due to bulk syllabus and concepts. Candidates must spend at least more than twenty-five hours a month studying. According to the study of various experts, all successful people in this field suggested every fresher not skip the above points to follow for attending the CFA competitive exam. So, remember these words in your mind and boost your knowledge and speed of learning within a short duration. Share these lines with your friends, relatives, and other people for spreading awareness about the level 1 exam of charter holders.

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