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Why Are Animated Commercials and Cartoon Video Maker So Effective?

What is an Animated Commercial Film?

Animation commercials are an interactive type of advertisement used in digital marketing prepared by animating certain graphics in line with a certain scenario to promote a product, service or brand. If done correctly with some reputed cartoon video maker and with interest, they can present any information in a fun and creative way. 

There are reasons brands and businesses prefer animation to present their ideas. This is no surprise because animation techniques are versatile and varied. It is also very effective as it can convey complex things and concepts into simple language that can be easily perceived by humans. Let's look at why animation commercials are so effective.

We see thousands of commercials on TV and social media every day. It would not be wrong to say that the animated ones among these ads stay in our minds more and we focus more while watching. Because animated commercials instantly connect with the audience and attract more attention with the animated characters, objects and events. If a brand uses animation in its ads, it is more likely to remember the brand and associate the animation with the brand each time users see that animated character or cartoon style of the animation. For example, when you think of Coco pops, you probably think of the monkey that the brand uses in its advertisements. Or Red Bull's fun animations drawn on a white background are engraved in our minds.

So, what are the features that make animation commercials so effective and preferred by brands?

Why Are Animated Ads So Effective?

We all know that animations are a powerful marketing element. This method, which is frequently used in digital marketing and advertising industry, attracts the attention of users and is very effective in connecting them to the brand. In addition, there are different reasons why animations are preferred and loved so much.
You Can Use Your Creativity

The content of a commercial you shoot with a video camera and a few actors depends on the limits of the physical world. But in animation, you can push your imagination to the fullest. Time travels, flying dinosaurs, talking trees, all kinds of scenes you can think of are easily and effectively animated thanks to animations. You can use Mango Animate Animation Maker allows us to create realms that exist only in our imagination but can have a lasting impact on theconsumer's mind. Mango Animate Gogoanime iOS Animation Maker enables you to use well designed customizable animated cartoons templates. You can create effective cartoon videos which can simply do everything that living creatures cannot do. Brands can increase their advertising revenues and brand awareness by achieving high participation rates through animations. 

You Can Make Complex Things Simple

If what you want to tell is something a bit complicated and difficult to understand for the audience, it is unlikely that they will focus on your commercial and watch it until the end. Even if your commercial film is watched, your chances of success are unlikely because you cannot get your message to the target audience. However, you can transfer complex messages very simply and effectively by using animation in your commercials. Visualizing and animating the messages makes it easier to understand and enables the message to be delivered to the target audience.

This is the reason why animation is preferred especially in educational videos and videos for children. The graphics, characters and events you use will make it easier for you to communicate with your target audience and simply tell what you want to say. 

Animation Commercials Are Affordable

Creating animation commercials or getting them done by a production company may seem like a high budget job, but contrary to popular belief, it is economical. Live ads are more expensive to shoot; because they include many costs such as the location where the advertisement will be shot, the actors who will play in the advertisement, the venue, equipment and set items. However, to make animation, things like actors, places, cameras are not required. It is wiser to choose animated commercials instead of live ads to promote your brand, especially if your budget is low.

Provides Effective Ingredients

One of the biggest challenges faced in any industry is the need to constantly produce new and fresh content. Animated commercials reduce the lack of content ideas. You can express an idea in a different way, with different characters, different animation methods and different scenarios. Quality animations help you constantly create new content, increase traffic and sales. 

You Can Strengthen Your Marketing

Animated commercials are powerful marketing tools. Unlike classic and ubiquitous advertisements, people are more interested in new ideas and new visuals. These ads have a positive effect on your target audience compared to other types of ads. Potential customers enjoy watching animation because they have fun and simple content that can be watched 24/7. In addition, interested users share such commercials with their friends via their social media accounts. With a one-time investment, you get multiple returns.

When creating a commercial, you need to get their attention in order to reach your target audience and convey your messages. Considering that classic commercials are used by every brand and business and viewers are now used to such content, adding animation to your commercials can be a method that will make your brand stand out and instantly connect with your target audience.

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