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It is always better to be safe than sorry

Nowadays crime happens in every part of the world. Therefore, every government make laws to keep a check on the law and order of the country.  These laws differ among countries. However, crime is a serious offense that is related to violation or harm done to the property, health, and life of a person. This includes one's self too. Moreover, for this purpose a criminal lawyer is hired that specialises only in the field of criminal law.

Criminal laws are not just confined to a state or a territory. It is vast and deals on the international levels too. The main work of a criminal lawyer is to deal with bail bond hearings, parole or probation hearing cases, appeals, arrest, bail, investigation, claiming trial, pleading guilty, etc. Most of the time, the laws are misused by individuals, and due to which many innocent people face charges for crimes they don't commit.

Moreover, the work of a criminal lawyer is not just limited to the society. But, it is prevalent in every major industry of the economy. The huge companies either hire a firm with set of lawyers to handle their cases or they hire criminal lawyers directly under their payroll.

There are certain roles and responsibilities of lawyers in the field of crime -

·         They thoroughly investigate the case from their end and interview the witnesses.

·         Research the case laws, past judgments, and criminal codes.

·         After thorough research, they build a defence with a strategy.

·         Negotiate or plea bargain for lesser fine charges.

·         Draft, file and argue the motions.

·         Draft and argue the appeals in all the courts.

·         To become the advocate for the defendant at the trial.

There are times when people are looking for advice rather than fighting a court case. There are certain firms that provide 24*7 hotline numbers where one can get free advice from a lawyer for the first 30 minutes of the session. The case can be discussed over a voice or a video call. It is always a good practice to take advice from an expert over a matter that may cause legal problems in the future. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Law is a vast subject with many changes happening every now and then. To represent oneself in serious offense case is just not possible. Besides hiring a lawyer, many people are not able to work with them. Maybe there was a bad experience in the past. Furthermore, the skills and capability of the lawyer will be shown while working harmoniously with them. The trust is built both ways where both client and the lawyer have to be truthful to each other. A good lawyer will always ask a lot of questions and be upfront with a client. They will have good interpersonal skills. The knowledge of their specialisation will be in depth.

This is to conclude that, it is advisable to always take advice from lawyers and save yourself from any hassle.

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