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How To choose the right car ceramic coating

 If you need your car to look better always, then you need to select and use the best ceramic coating. It is not just the ceramic coating that matters, but the way you apply it. If the combination is okay, then the product will last for a long time. But, if the combination is done wrong, the ceramic coating would wear off and would look annoying in your car. Applying the ceramic coating is all up to the user or the professional and at the same time, selecting the ceramic coating product too. The demand for ceramic coating in recent years has skyrocketed, flooding the market with several products. Selecting the best could be a challenge. To help you navigate through such a mess, the buying guide below would help.

Type of ceramic coating –

There are two types of ceramic coating available on the market today based on who applies it.

  1. Professionally installed ceramic coating
  2. DIY ceramic coating
  3. A professionally installed or applied ceramic coating is comparatively very hard to apply. A regular person would find it difficult to apply it. The overall process is complicated and a slight misstep could require complete removal of the coating a redoing.
  4. DIY ceramic coating, Do-It-Yourself ceramic coating is different from the professionally installed coating. This one is formulated in such a way that it is easy to use. The product itself would be diluted and would produce almost the same result as that of another grade. However, the DIY ceramic coating is a semi-permanent coating and its lifespan is comparatively lesser.

Hardness and strength level –

There are two types of ceramic coatings based on hardness and strength. Those made of titanium nitride and the ones made of chromium carbide. The harder the coating is, the more resistant to scratches and abrasion it becomes. Generally, the one with maximum hardness and strength is 9H, we recommend to consider purchasing a 9H ceramic coating.

Hydrophobic property –

In recent years, we have noticed that some of the ceramic coatings are not hydrophobic in nature, this leaves nasty water spots on the coating, which is annoying and a waste of money. This is why you must check the specification and customer reviews and make sure that you are purchasing a ceramic coating product with hydrophobic properties.

Choose the ones with maximum benefits –

While all the ceramic coating offers some basic benefits, in recent years, there are some products available that offer comparatively more benefits. If you find such a ceramic coating then consider purchasing it. Remember, do not blindly fall for the manufacturer's gimmick, read the customer review, and make sure the benefits mentioned are true and then consider purchasing it.

Lifespan –

The ceramic coating could last for at least 2-years if applied properly, however, some products could last long for 4-years. Check the product specifications and make sure that you are purchasing a ceramic coating that could last for a very long time. Remember, apart from the product cost, applying the coating is time-consuming and expensive. So, a single coating should last maximum time.

As you have seen, there is a lot of information mentioned above to consider. The ceramic coating should be selected based on these factors carefully or else the coating could annoy you or destroy your car aesthetics completely.

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