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How Online Medical Consultation is being perceived in India?


Although online medical consultation has been getting the popularity it deserves across the globe, the Indian populace and existing medical consortium in the country aren’t being particularly kind to this form of treatment and medical advice. While a majority of doctors believe that online consultations are nothing more than quackeries and it is virtually impossible to make a conclusive diagnosis over the phone and video calls, doctors’ advice online has actually benefited quite a few patients, in the post-pandemic era.

Therefore, in the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at the value of online medical consultations in the country and how the concept is slowly changing the future of health consultation for the nation-wide population. Besides, we shall also look at the bottlenecks, if any, whilst proposing possible changes to make online doctor consultation, more productive and resourceful than ever.

Benefits of E-Consultation

Covid19 has changed the dynamics of physical visits to clinics and doctors. With individuals looking to minimize touch and contact, online chat with the doctor is getting the requisite level of attention. As online consultations do not require you to visit the physician in person, it might also be used to arrange curated visits to the doctor in case the reports or diagnosis require one-to-one interactions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that online doctor consultation is quite a reliable method to get treatment for a given condition, provided you are nursing a minimally complex condition.

How the Concept of Online Medical Consultation works?

Online consultations make correspondences easier than ever. In case you want to get immediate medical attention, you need to visit the concerned platform, feed in the details, pay the fee, and a doctor is assigned to you, often within 60 seconds of putting forth a request. Besides, there are certain online medical consultation service providers like Bajaj Finance Health Limited offering dedicated consultation services to patients based on their requirements.

With online consultations to rely on, you can connect with a gynecologist, urologist, cardiologist, or any physician of choice, based on availability and appointment. Not just that, if you are looking to lend services from credible service providers, the online consultation sessions can also be booked based on the type of condition or symptoms.

Why Online Medical Consultation is even more popular in 2020?

The advent of covid19 has pushed a majority of us indoors, thereby making it hard to get medical help and consultation at clinics and nursing homes. Moreover, as a majority of medical centers in India dedicated to identifying and fighting covid19, there isn’t a significant amount of physical firepower left to attend to other conditions in person.

This is where online consultations have picked up pace in 2020, owing to the restrictive on-premise treatment options. Moreover, quite a large number of services offering online consultations are also making covid19 test kits available, in an effort to minimize exposure, even more.

What are the issues Restricting Nation-Wide Adoption?

Despite service providers striving towards offering holistic medical packages via tele-calling and Skype consultations, the diagnostic limitations and severity of certain conditions are restricting an all-inclusive adoption. Therefore, to push forth the concept, it is necessary to practice discretion and make sure that the complex and more demanding cases are handed over to the on-premise parties.

Therefore, for online medical consultation to be perceived with respect in India, it is necessary for the service providers to maintain a balance between offline and online services to make transitions faster than expected. Once an online chat with doctor will have the ability to be recommended to a hospital nearby, if and when necessary, only then will the online consultations will be valued in the country.

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