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How do you Fix Crackling Speakers on a MacBook Pro?

Macbook pro sound problems ranges from stuttering crackly audio to the entirely no sound issue, where the reason for this issue can be of number of things in which the most important reason behind this issue is you system may be running in older macOS version. So if you are using the macOS system then you should know some of the things about these issues and the steps to fix and solve the sound issues for experiencing the best quality of sound effect in your system.

·         As a first thing you should check the sound preferences by clicking the “output” tab and take a clear look where your audio is being routed. If necessary also check the sound by minimizing the volume and mute the sound.

·         You should see list of devices that can be used in the macbook pro because in most of the Mac computers the default option will be set as internal speakers, if something is selected other than internal speaker then just select the internal speakers to reroute the audio

·         Now test your output settings again by playing the audio or music file on your system. If you want to change the output to another device like headphones, audio interface or to the aggregate device then you can specify it under the sound preference settings.

·         Some of the Macbook pro sound issues can be fixed just by choosing the different output device other than selecting the original output. If you do not see any output device then you might have been issue in upgrading and updating the macOS

When you follow the above things you can fix the crackling speaker issues that encounters in the Macbook pro system else you might want to reset your PRAM/NVRAM to solve this crackling sound in your macbook pro system. Otherwise you need to create the backup with your time machine and reinstall the macOS operating system.

Restarting fixes many of the issues – Simple way to solve the crackling sound issue

If you have tried to adjust your sound setting to get best experience the best sound quality, when you are facing the crackling sound in the macbook pro. In which through restarting your macbook pro device you can encounter this issue where this seems like a bit heavy handed to fix but sometimes you really need to turn the macbook pro off and restart the device.

Restarting your machine will fix many of the issues including the stuttering or crackling audio issues. This is found to be inconvenient way but it is not the only way to fix some of other issues that you encounter in the macbook pro device. Most of the audio issues will be solved through restarting the device when you face the audio issue problem even after restarting device you can try above steps for solving the issues. Even after following the fixing step guide still the problem encounters then you can find the help from the technician to solve this audio issues in easy and convenient manner.


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