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Custom Rigid Boxes for Designer Ruby Jewelry Pieces


If you have a classy variety of dainty ruby jewelry pieces, displaying them requires enthralling packaging. Aesthetically pleasing boxes flaunting the earrings, rings and necklaces would pique the interest of potential customers in your signature stone collection. If you have an online store, beguiling packaging would make the purchase worth remembering for the shoppers, they will come back to buy more. Creative boxes would help earning you a distinguished identity and portraying the image of your brand the way you want. Quality packaging is crucial for retaining the luster of rubies and silver/gold for a long time. You should therefore, invest in the custom boxes as they will pay you off in many ways.

Rigid boxes packaging is the perfect option for luxury and delicate of items. You can have it custom made with a material and finishing options of your choice. Gripping boxes would be stored along with the jewelry pieces and are likely to service as a reminder of your business. You can market the new and upcoming offers through packaging boxes and bags. On jewelry exhibitions packaging can play a significant role in creating awareness about your brand. Make your antique and other exclusive offerings stand out through engrossing boxes. You need a skilled printing partner for making your packaging hard to ignore. Search for a printer that has relevant industry experience and the knack for providing you finely printed boxes.

Whether you opt for an online or local vendor, make sure to evaluate its service features especially the turnaround time and pricing before placing your order.

Here are some tips on designing and printing rigid packaging for ruby jewelry!

Have the Boxes Designed with Dazzling Details

Ask the printer to provide you artwork options that are simple but striking. Name of the ruby earrings and other range should be printed with shiny embossed font. The graphics used should complement the kind of jewelry you have. Catchy symbols of the rings and other items would add an appeal to the packaging.

Rigid Boxes that Last Long

Packaging printed with cardboard or corrugated stock will have long shelf-life. Tell the printer to guide you when selecting the material for the boxes. You can have a look at some samples (if that is an option) to compare the thickness and resilience of different materials. Pick from customizations like embossing, raised ink, UV coating, foil stamping, and glossy/matte lamination to enhance the look and texture of the boxes. The uk time

Packaging with Interesting Product Cards

Have cards printed with the kind of ruby used in a ring, its carats and some short and sweet info about the significance of the stone on life and luck. You can get the care instructions listed at the back of the boxes for enabling users to safely store and clean the jewelry.

You might come across some rigid box manufacturers USA that will claim to offer incredibly cheap rates for bulk packaging, vet the veracity of such offers before trusting them.

Packaging should have protective inserts to keep the earrings and necklaces well-protected from shock especially during delivery. Your social media profile links on the boxes would increase the prospects of improving customer engagement on channels like Facebook. Your store locations should be there on the packaging especially if you have just one or two outlets.

Looking for cost effective rigid boxes? The Legacy Printing can have them personalized within your budget. Take a tour of the website to get details about the services!

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