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Why Your Car Battery Is Draining?


A car is a complex machinery setup that has many small setups that can result in better and efficient working. Today is a time that almost every person is owing to his car and everyone likes to go to their offices on it. What if you are getting late for your office and you just pray that all the traffic lights you hit should be green so that you can reach your office on time. As you reach your car and tries to start the ignition but your car denies that time. That will be a great problem for you. This is one signal that tells you that your car needs service. There are so many car repairs and service centers, you can easily contact any of the car repair services Bangalore. These repair centers will provide you with their best services. 

We all think that car servicing means changing the oil and fix the loose screws of the brake system. No this is not the end of this process. The major focus is given to the car’s battery that helps the car to start. There is some mistake that we might be making that result in the drainage of the battery. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Forgot to turn off the lights: At the end of the long tiring day, when you are returning you switch on the headlights of the car while driving. But there might be chances that when you switch the car and lock it, you forgot to switch off the lights. This mistake will directly lead to great drainage in the power of the battery. Although the new cars are coming up with the alarm system that notifies you to switch off the lights. But in case your car doesn’t have that feature then make it sure you switch off lights while you lock the car.
  • Faulty charging system: Most of the cars provide the charging systems in them which is a good feature if used properly. The charging system is powered by an alternator, in any case, the alternator is not put in properly then it might not charge the phone as fast as the battery is draining. Therefore, it is better to check before using this system.
  • Loose battery connections: Sometimes there are chances that the positive and negative terminals of the battery get loose and it might result in failure in transmitting power to the engine when it is required. So it is better to check it before taking your car for any long drive.
  • Old battery: Another very common issue that is ignored by people. When your battery is old it will die quickly. The average lifespan of the battery is three to four years, after this span gets your car battery changed for better condition of the car.


These are the common mistakes that lead to the drainage of the battery. In case you have omitted any of this mistake, do take your car to any of the car service in Bangalore that will fix up everything.


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