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A calculator is an electronic device that is used to perform calculations. Arithmetic calculations can be simple or complex. Nowadays there are different types of oT calculators in the market depending on the necessity of a user. There are different varieties of electronic calculator which are available in the market; these calculators are designed for special purposes.

Major attractions of business calculators

The main features of business calculators are scientific notations, floating-point notation, inbuilt functions such as logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, quick access to constants such as pie and e, cursor controls and edit equation and view previous calculations, hexadecimal to binary, octal calculations, complex numbers Junction calculations, statistics and probability, Matrix calculation, equation solving, calculus, conversion of units, physical constants, calculation of simple interest, compound interest, profit and loss and much more. These inbuilt functions help to perform calculations gradually. These advanced financial calculators can calculate up to 250 to 400 steps of calculation at a time the data can also be stored in the memory which is one of the most advanced features of these calculators.

Score FC 200v business calculator

This is one of the most useful and shallow calculators as the main features of this calculator is built in direct keystrokes for swift switching of exclusive modes. It has Your-line displays allowing easy input conformation change and correction for each parameter. Easily fixed percentage method some of their digit’s bonus can be calculated easily sales and levels with the breakeven point can also be calculated with direct function keys.

Swiss Micros DM15L businesscalculator

This is a   clone of   HP 15C and is one of the most used financial calculators nowadays the main features of this calculator are high and scientific performance root solving numerical integration, calculus solving ability, handling complex numbers and matrix operations.


A Finance calculator is an electronic device that is designed for business or Finance-related calculations. These calculators have special keystrokes and functions to perform various types of complex calculations so easily these calculators have used accounting, trade, and commerce.

There are different types of areas in the finance sector that involve so many complex calculations such as calculation of the flow of capitals between individuals, governments, and businesses, the study of money and Investments, Stock Broking, risk management, calculation of interest, profit and loss and much more.

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