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Why Hire Garden And Landscaping Designer Lisa Ellis And Team?

Garden and landscape designing

Do you have a garden or a yard that you want to transform? Do you want to change it to match your tastes better? Or did you move to a house with a garden you did not like and want to change it in a way that is more like you? Why worry when you can hire a professional like garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis to find the best way to design it in the best way that suits your interests. However, understanding the basics of landscape designing before hiring a professional can help. So let’s see some brief principles and the features offered by Lisa Ellis.

Principles of landscape design

The specific principles differ from person to person but some basic steps can help to make a unified and beautiful result.

·         Simplicity: Crowding the garden with unnecessary and big elements may not be a good idea. Try using items that are necessary and neat to keep the area uncluttered. Doing this also helps to increase functionality.
·         Variety: While using objects of a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms can be appealing, try to choose items that complement each other in every way.
·         Balance: One area should not look crowded or utilized better when compared to another area. The items should be distributed evenly, creating a pleasing balance.
·         Emphasis: Emphasizing some parts of the design using size, texture, color, or other components can create interest and can be eye-catching. But emphasizing too many objects can be quite distracting.
·         Sequence: If you prefer to have a variety of items of different shapes, sizes, colors, and texture, arranging them in an ascending, descending, or a particular design that follows a gradual change can create a smooth, appealing look.
·         Unity: All the items should work together to look like one unit despite their differences in color, shape, and more. Repetition can help with this.

Lisa Ellis Gardens

Lisa Ellis Gardens is the perfect choice for anybody who wants to design and maintain their gardens and landscaping. It is an award-winning provider of garden designs. In their several years of experience, they have developed gardens that are elegant and durable. They use the best, high-end plants and other materials for their work. Some of the services provided are landscape design, planting palette design, garden design, installation and repairs of irrigation systems, horticulture counseling, garden rejuvenations, and more.

Garden and landscape designer Lisa Ellis is preferred not only because of the high-quality results but also because of their working style. The team works with architects and provide suggestions based on their expertise. They listen to the needs and interests of the client and work accordingly. The studio also offers plans on landscape and concepts, drawings of the work, lighting and furniture plans, virtual reality experiences, and much more.

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