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What Is The Role Of Finance In Healthcare And How To Get It During Any Medical Emergency?

According to a recent study, a significant rise in non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory illnesses, etc. was observed in the last couple of decades or so. Such illnesses have been responsible for causing more deaths compared to any other types of diseases. Subsequently, the rise in non-communicable diseases has led to a demand for quality health care in the country.

However, since public health infrastructure still lags in adequacy, a significant number of individuals have to resort to private health care facilities for treatment which can be quite expensive and create a financial strain.

In such a situation, the role of additional means of financing such as health card is very significant as it enables individuals to avail proper health care easily. Consequently, one should know what is health card.

It is a digital payment tool that provides financing for a wide variety of treatments from multispecialty hospitals, diagnostic centres, dentist clinics, wellness centres, and so on. This payment tool also facilitates individuals to avail medical care from any of the partner medical centres during an emergency without any financial burden.

Who are eligible to avail a health card?

Apart from knowing what is health card, one should also learn about the eligibility criteria so that he/she can stay prepared to avail the necessary finances during an emergency. All existing customers with a stable source of income and who are over the age of 18 can apply for a health card. While existing customers have an option to get the card online, new users can avail the card from any partner medical facility.

Features and benefits of health card

Now that you know what is a health card, it is also ideal that you learn about the features and benefits that you can avail, thus establishing how a suitably financing option can help during emergencies.

1.      Fast approval –

Existing customers can easily apply for a Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card and receive approval for up to Rs.4 lakh instantly. Furthermore, customers are not required to provide any other additional documents during the application procedure, which results in reducing the overall processing time. Hence, customers can opt for a health card to conveniently meet the expenses incurred during a medical emergency.

2.      Nominal application fees –

To avail the health card, applicants are only required to pay a nominal fee of Rs.707 as joining charges. Moreover, the card is also activated immediately after the fee amount is paid.

3.      Complimentary offers

Besides a substantial financing value, cardholders can also avail a range of additional offers on their health card. For instance, the card comes with a complimentary insurance policy cover for personal accidents. Within this cover, one can get up to Rs.1 lakh as coverage for expenses incurred during a personal accident.

Cardholders can also enjoy attractive discounts and cashbacks on various treatments and purchase of medicine from partner hospitals, diagnostics centres, pharmacies, and so on. For example, one can avail discounts of up to 15% on purchasing medicine from any partner pharmacy. Similarly, individuals can also avail up to Rs.150 off on tele-consultation from a multispecialty hospital. However, in most cases these are limited time offers, so one should refer to the official website to check the offer validity date.

4.      Coverage for entire family

The amount available on the health card can be used to meet treatment expenses for all members of the family, including spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Therefore, one does not have to apply for a health card for each member of the family. 

5.      Financial aid for a range of medical treatment

Cardholders can meet the expenses for the treatment of over 800 health issues, some of which are –

       General surgery

       Dental care

       ENT Treatment


       Maternity care

       Obstetrics and gynaecology


       Cardiac surgery

       Vascular surgery

Apart from these, individuals can avail financial aid for health issues such as hair loss treatment, cosmetics treatment, plastic surgery, homoeopathic treatments, purchase of hearing aid equipment, etc.

Application procedure for a health card

Individuals should also know about the application procedure after gaining an idea about what is health card and its benefits. One can either apply for a health card online or avail it from any partner healthcare facility.

To apply for a health card, one can follow the steps given below –

Step 1: Visit the official website and click on ‘Get It Now’.

Step 2: Enter your registered contact number in the appropriate field for identity verification.

Step 3: After verification of identity, the pre-approved offer available to you will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’ tab after viewing your pre-approved offer to pay the application fee via any online payment mode of your choice.

The health card will be instantly activated, once the fee payment is complete. You will also be able to view the health card on the mobile wallet app.

Individuals can easily avail financing during a medical emergency with a health card. They can repay the utilised amount afterwards by converting it into affordable EMIs and pay it off by opting for a tenure between 3 and 24 months.

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