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How To Choose The Right Hair Colour

Women are always confused about picking their beauty products. One of the most challenging tasks is to choose an absolute hair color! Nowadays, celebrities keep on trying different hair colors. Most of the girls consider them as their idol and want to try the similar colors. However, do you guys know that these models have various stylists who are exclusively there for maintaining their hair? You cannot afford to give so much time & spend carelessly on your hair. Also, some colors are contrasting to your skin tone. They might appear great; however, when you try them on, it can be a big blunder! Do you know why does it occur? There are many reasons for it. Let us see the points to consider while choosing a hair color:

1. Pick if you want to go lighter or darker:

While choosing the good hair colour, one of the most necessary considerations is going shade dark or lighter. Both of them are fantastic options, considering several other factors that we will include further in the list. Be prepared for hair bleach if you want to opt for a lighter shade. If your hair is already damaged, make sure to treat them first, and then try it.

2. Considering your skin tone is the most crucial step:

Your hair color should be an addition to your overall look. However, some women find themselves completely shattered after having hair color. If you do not want to land up in this situation, pick hair color according to your skin tone. People with warmer skin tone look good in copper, chocolate, mahogany, and golden brown hair colors. However, people with cool tones can opt for honey, blonde, ash grey, or burgundy.

3. Make sure to know your hair type:

It is necessary to note your hair type too. Some women have excessively frizzy and unmanageable hair. Your hair might require a pre-treatment before hair coloring for a better outcome. You can consider waiting a few more days for the hair color.

4. Keep in mind the health of your hair:

The health of your hair is another most essential aspect. If you have dull and damaged hair prone to hair-fall, you might aggravate the condition by hair coloring. Some ingredients present in the hair dye can make your hair even worse. Therefore, it is always recommended to consult a doctor if you have any hair issues.

5. Pick the sub shades carefully:

Whether you are selecting brown, blonde, burgundy, bold red, or golden color, you must pick a sub shade too. There are light, medium, and dark of almost all the colors. Pick a suitable one to make the best out of it.

6. Try digital software or apps prior to hair dye:

There are some digital apps where you can change your hair color. You can try them out to find which color is best for you.


Having healthy, shiny, and good looking hair adds to your personality. It is up to you if you want to make it charismatic or dull and boring!

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