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How Online HR Programs Can Accelerate Your Career

 Human resources is a fast - growing career today. To keep up with the pace of advancement, professionals need to keep learning and acquiring new skills. Besides, professionals are also looking to advance their career and/ or differentiate themselves from their peers for promotions. To achieve both, working professionals need to expand their skill set and demonstrate their willingness to take a more challenging position.   

Professionals have the option to learn online while still working full time. Several online learning programs exist that allow HR professionals to learn at their own pace, at a fraction of the cost of a regular university degree costs. The choice of online program will depend on prior experience and aspirations.  

Let's take a look at a few ways human resource professionals can learn online and advance in their career.  

  1. Cost - effective short -duration HR courses  

Online HR courses are available on Udemy, Lynda, Linkedin Learning, Alison, and other micro - learning platforms. These courses can be used to fill a specific skill gap. For instance, a professional with experience in employee relations and administration, may learn HR analytics to use in their next role. 

Additionally,edX and Coursera offer MOOCs (Massive Opencourse ware). These are comprehensive online programs offered in collaboration with universities and colleges.

Coursera, for instance, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota offers a 5-courses specialization in human resources management. The course covers a wide range of areas including recruiting, onboarding, employee performance. 

2. Online degree programs  

MBA in human resources management is a go -to option for seasoned HR professionals who are looking to advance in their career. Alternately, universities offer online degrees at bachelor’s and master’s level, which professionals can take to get an in-depth view of Human Resource management to excel in their career. Online HR degrees are equally significant for aspirants who are looking to break into Human Resource’s. 

Capella University and eCornell are examples of universities that offer online degree in human resources management.


3.      Online HR certificate programs  

In addition to degrees, several universities offer online certificates in Human Resource management. These certificates offer either in-depth knowledge of one discipline in Human Resource’s or a broad overview of the field.  

4. Online professional HR certification  

SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management), TMI (Talent Management Institute), HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) and World at Work are a few globally-recognized HR certification institutes. These institutions offer valuable professional HR certifications that demonstrate the holder’s competency and knowledge of Human Resource professionals to deliver business results.  

These certifications can help professionals boost their career growth as well as help fresh graduates break into a career in human resources. HRCI and TMI offer PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and TMP (Talent Management Practitioner) respectively. These are high value entry-level certifications for professionals with little to no experience. Similarly, the institutes also SPHR, GPHR; and STMP, GTML respectively. These are senior –level certifications for HR profession and talent management leaders respectively, and add immense value to the candidates’ skills.

Earning these credentials is tough as they are highly valued in the industry. You can measure the value of these credentials, from the fact that third –partiers offer preparation classes to for these certifications.

Human resources has grown drastically in the last few years and is expected to grow even further.
Online HR courses and programs are an easy way for professionals to learn new skills and grow in their career. Not to mention, these programs can be significantly more affordable and convenient to take.

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