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How do I connect my computer to my printer?

Most people are not aware of how to connect the computer or laptop to a local printer. The easiest way to connect your computer with a printer is through USB cable. It is also possible to connect a wireless printer with a PC to do your work. Here we will discuss the same in detail.

Connecting printer via wired USB cable:

Follow the below steps to connect your PC with a printer using a USB cable.

1.      The first step is to connect your PC to the printer through a USB cable and turn on the PC.
2.      Soon after the PC starts, you can click the start menu to open the Settings app.
3.      In the first row of the settings icons, you will see the Devices icon, which you need to click.
4.      In the devices window, you will notice the first option as ‘Printers & Scanners’, and click on it.
5.      Now, you will get an option ‘Add a printer or scanner’. Click on this option to connect the printer to your computer.
6.      Now, the windows will detect the name of the printer, and click on it.
7.      Now, you have to follow the on-screen instructions. The installation procedure will get over once you follow the steps. 
8.      If you can’t find your printer name, then you can select the option ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed’. Then the windows may find the printer. So, you will get the list of available printers from which you can select your printer name.

Connecting printer via wireless network:

To connect a wireless printer to the computer, you can follow the below steps.

1.      Turn on the printer and connect to your home Wi-Fi. Nowadays, modern printers have an LCD screen which will show the Wi-Fi networks.
2.      Use the LCD screen to find the setup page of Wi-Fi to make adjustments related to wireless LAN settings.
3.      Now, you have to find the home network Service Set Identifier (SSID). One can get the SSID on the internet router’s bottom or side.
4.      After selecting the SSID, you can enter the Wi-Fi password. Now, your printer gets easy for printing.
5.      In your PC, click the start menu to open the settings option.
6.      Now, click the “Devices” icon and select the option “Add a Printer or Scanner”
7.      You will get the list of printer names, from which you have to choose your printer.
8.      Follow the steps to finish the installation procedure.
9.      Sometimes you may face some trouble while connecting the printer to a PC. In such a situation, ensure that your PC is close to the printer. Also, your wireless router is not far away from the printer or PC. Some printer has an Ethernet jack, which you can connect to the wireless router to make your interface easy.

Thus, these are the ways that you can use to connect your printer or wireless printer to your PC or laptop easily.

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