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Five Questions to Ask Your Roommate before Moving into a Student Accommodation

Even as university enrollment makes you happy, overseas accommodation hunt is never easy and comes with many loopholes and uncertainties. With the advent of purpose-built student accommodation, the search has become less-hassled and takes a considerable less amount of time. Whether you choose to stay in private self-contained studios with communal areas or in en-suite rooms with shared spaces, you will be having roommates to staying with. You and your roommate can be poles apart or have many things in common. As you will be staying in a student room together, the best way is to get to know your roommate and discuss things prior to moving in.

Here the 5 most probable questions that you should be asking your roommate before opting for the stay.

Comfort Level in Staying Together

The comfort level of an individual is the first and foremost thing and makes a person decisive on whether to stay with a roommate or vice versa. If you have the habit of getting uncomfortable about little things, then it is better to discuss this with your potential roommate. If not, then you should find an independent student housing to stay in peace. Make your roommate clear about how comfortable you are, if he or she is usually awake late at night, not cleaning the room more often, or have pets to stay in the accommodation. Also let your roommate know, if you are not comfortable with music played loud and suggest keeping an earphone handy.     

How Often Does Friends Visit

A recent survey proves the fact that a majority of property providers often work with clients who want to change accommodations specifically because they can’t stand having other people visiting their apartment, without their roommate having asked for approval. Having mentioned that, make it a point to clear things earlier on, like whether your roommate loves the company of friends visiting more often and have them visit the accommodation on weekends or weekdays. Discuss about the frequency of visits and also the duration of stay. If you are not comfortable with sharing your things with others, talk about it so that your roommates have them bring their own bedding and arrange for extra pillows and sheets at his or her own expense. If you are not comfortable at all of your friends coming in, then you must bear in mind that the same goes for you as well. Just think before agreeing to certain aspects when friends of your roommate visit the place.

Room Temperature

Not everybody is comfortable staying in very cool or hot temperatures as everybody sensitivity is different from the other. If you are sensitive to heat or cold, make sure your roommates know about it. This will avoid any further misjudgment and help in building a healthy living environment. There is no point in having daily arguments on how cold or how warm you want the room to be. You and your roommates should try to come to a mutual decision as to what the room temperature will be or adjust temperatures at a level at different times of the day whichever is favorable to your roommate and you of course.  

Smoking Habits

Every student apartment comes with its own rules and a prior discussion is needed on the smoking policy of that particular household. For some it is easy, while for others it becomes a reason for a possible changeover. If your roommate is a smoker, try to ascertain whether he is an occasional or chain smoker and does he smokes anything other than cigarettes like pot or cigars. Also, checkout if your roommate takes anything else which is forbidden by law so that you do not end up being in trouble if something grave happens. Check with the smoking policy of the accommodation as smoking is prohibited in the communal areas and places where it is hazardous to smoke like the generator room for instance. Talk to your landlord about smoking rules and also make sure your roommate is well aware about it.
What’s the Time to Bed
One thing is for sure, there is nothing awkward to ask about night routines and what is the ideal time to bed. It will be beneficiary for both you and your roommate, to come into terms with the odd hour schedules when sleeping obviously is not the plan. Many students have the habit of studying and revising lessons at night. If you are one of those, be clear about it and share it with your roommate. You cannot expect your roommate to be cooperative if you do not inform about the habit of staying up late at night. On the other hand, if your roommate has the same habit then this should be discussed beforehand. You can probably come up with a solution which is favorable for both of you.
With these questions asked, you can be rest assured for being in compliance with certain aspects of living together, if not all. This will avoid future conflicts with your roommate and help settle down cordially in student accommodation and who knows, you and your roommate can end up being great friends for life. 

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