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Can you treat Erectile Dysfunction with the help of Exercise?

The answer to this question is a big yes.

 Although a very serious and depressing condition, erectile dysfunction is treatable with the use of medication, diet, surgeries, and other therapies like stress management and yoga. Medications such as Generic Levitra Professional 40mg is the choice of treatment for many men. However other approaches like exercising can also help. 

Different types of exercises improve erection but the most common and effective are exercises for pelvic floor strengthening. The exact mechanism of how it works can be understood by having the concept of erection clear first.

How a normal erection occurs:

 On erotic arousal, the brain perceives the signals and sends an impulse to the body to react to it. As a reaction, nitric oxide is released, which is responsible for muscle relaxation, in response, the cavernosal muscles in the penis relax and at the same time, the smooth muscles in the arteries supplying the penis also relaxes.

 Relaxation of cavernosal muscles opens up the cavernosal sinuses and vasodilation increases the blood flow to those sinuses. When the cavernosal sinuses fill up with enough oxygenated blood and erection results.

 What happens in erectile dysfunction?

 In men with erectile dysfunction, the mechanism of erection can be disrupted at any level of the whole phenomenon. 

 There may be a lack of the release of nitric oxide so that the penile and arterial smooth muscles cannot relax to elicit an erection. This is treated by taking pills containing Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, to induce muscle relaxation like the Generic Cialis Apcalis Oral Jelly 20mg

If neurological involvement is the reason then the communication between the brain and body is lost so an erection does not occur even if all the hormones are normal.

 When the veins in the penis are not working properly there is a risk of losing erection earlier than normal or inability to maintain an erection for a prolonged time.

 What is the function of pelvic floor muscles in erection:

 When the penile tissues and cavernosal sinuses are filled with oxygenated blood an erection occurs, now to maintain the erection the veins in the penis are required to keep the blood within the penile tissue for a prolonged time.

 It is the purpose of the pelvic floor muscles to exert pressure on the veins in the penis so that blood does not go out suddenly and the veins keep more and more blood inside the penile tissue, helping sustain the erection for even longer.


 The category of exercises for treating erectile dysfunction is not so broad in the sense that it focuses on the strengthening of the pelvis floor muscles specifically. However, we can still look into the exercise regimen from a broad perspective; as the generalized effect of exercise on the body also plays role in having a healthy sexual life.

 The main exercise regimens that we will discuss here are as follow,

 1. Kegel exercises

2. Running or jogging

3. Deep breathing

 These are not all, but some of the broader view of exercise protocols to follow.

 Kegel exercises: These exercises although known to be beneficial in females for incontinence, can also be effective in males for erectile dysfunction.

 i. Aim of Kegel exercises: These exercises aim at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in males. Pelvic floor muscles surround the genitals in the area called the perineum. 

 ii. How to perform Kegel: It is very easy to perform, all you need to do is identify your pelvis floor muscles by trying to stop urinating and looking for the muscles that contract during this action. Once you identified the muscles then you can start strengthening it by doing 5 to 7 sets of contraction per day. While sitting relax, just squeeze or contract the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and then relax. Repeat the contraction and relaxation for few times. Your goal should be to reach a sustained contraction time of 10 sec or more.

 iii. Benefits: The benefits of Kegel exercises are not just limited to erectile dysfunction treatment, but it can be useful in scenarios of urinary incontinence in both males and females.

 Running and jogging: They fall in the class of aerobic exercises and aims at improving the cardiopulmonary endurance. They help treat erectile dysfunction by reducing the perceived fatigue levels and increasing the tolerance of males to do high-intensity physical activities.

 Deep breathing exercises: In combination with aerobic training, deep breathing help improve the lungs' compliance or simply we can say that it improves the oxygenation of blood in your body to get more oxygen to the tissues by circulation. 

 Where to find medication for erectile dysfunction?

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