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Arttree Popular Geometric Wall Art Designs


The minimalist art was developed in the late 1950s. During this period, the art movement was truly groundbreaking, as it saw young artists highlight the true essence of subject and material to create art.

 Everyone approaches adorn gallery walls differently. It is a bit mystifying as some would rather keep in really simple while some would add bold, bright superfluous art in their gallery. If you are an admirer of clean lines, minimal color variation, and simplicity, then minimalism is for you. The minimalist movement is inclining with new trendsetters. New generations are adoring the beauty of simple forms and reduced clutter in their aesthetics. 

Minimalism is a highly popular approach and would never run out of fashion. The art is highly influential in the field of abstract art, it is about simplicity, reduction, and harmonization. The artwork is more relied on highlighting clean, straightforward structure and colors to enhance an image simply as it is. The core of the minimalist concept justifies - more is not always better. 

Minimalist art for the home

Simple hard-edged, geometric wall art adds a sense of rhythm and repetition that creates a fluid flow within the room. 

Let's understand how we can incorporate the minimalist artwork to bring a sense of calmness and attract elements of texture in any home space. 

 Botanical Minimalist art Prints

Canvas doesn't have to be colorful pieces always, embrace clean designs that match your environment to give you an elegant look. No matter if you are an abstract art aficionado or monochromatic freak, geometricwall art prints enhances space and looks more appealing and personal.  

 Green leaves embedded in a circle and triangle are soothing purified art pieces that add fullness, symmetry, and balance the entire structure. These art pieces are not obtrusive and attune with colorful or minimalist backgrounds. These clean lines, reductive, and simplicity of minimalist pieces draw a sense of tranquility, positivity, and calmness. Green leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival of life.

 Minimalist Abstract Wall art

Add chic and sophistication and deduct the excessive design in your home. Reckon and frame Geometric wooden wall art with unique pieces of grey and pink hue shade adds instant pop in every room. It could be a wonderful gift for a true minimalist as it strongly impacts the space and harmonizes it. 

Attest multiple medium and large size prints to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality and achieve an effect. Don't be obliged to plunge into one style, choose the piece that shares a common thread. Arts that belong to the same color family or explore the same subject add a signature to your wall and make it more exclusive. 

 Zodiac Wall Art

Do a little stargazing and add Zodiac signs into your wall art. Whether you are adventurous, energetic, or passionate, mirror your enthusiasm by proposing your earth sign or fire sign geometrically in your living areas. The geometrically personified zodiac signs are key traits that can fit fashionably above the fireplace mantel, sofa, or bedroom. 

No matter your zodiac sign, amplify your living area with 3 pieces of geometric wall art that can totally jazz up your space.  


Minimalist Artwork is a simple way to add trends into your home, without too much commitment. The simple and unsentimental, geometric forms of minimalism do not mandatorily mean that such works are bland. Minimalist art can create a sense of rhythm and repetition within the provided space. 

Browse our curated collection of geometric minimalist artworks that strongly impact the space where they are exhibited. Whether artworks are hung on the office & gallery walls, or any other part, these artworks create an active atmosphere of balance and harmony. 

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