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All you need to about pearls

The charm of an original pearl cannot be beaten by any other type of jewellery. It is simple, beautiful and elegant. No matter who wear its and for which occasion, it simple brings out the charm of that person and make them look even more gorgeous and marvellous. Due to such amazing beauty of pearls, there is a huge demand for it in various types of jewelleries and accessories such as latestpearl earrings, pearl necklaces, etc.

What are the different types of pearls?

Many people think that pearls are either fake or else they come out of the sea. Well. It’s not completely wrong but is still only partially true. Original pearls are of two types: Natural and cultured. Natural pearls are made by oysters in the sea. These oysters are fished and then pearls inside their shells are picked out. On the other hand, cultured pearls are raised in farms by the usage of molluscs. There are purposely encouraged by farmers and thus are not formed by natural processes.

What are the different factors that affect the price of pearls?

Different jewellers price their pearls using different pricing systems but the major factors used in all these systems are the same. You may not get to know the exact price of the pearl you’re looking for until you consult a jeweller but you can definitely get a price range.


As original pearls are naturally made by animals, it quite rare to see perfectly round pearl. Due to the rarity of perfectly round pearls, the price of the round pearls is always hiked.


Similarly, it is rare to see a pearl with perfectly smooth surface with no crevices or nicks or cracks. If the pearl you’re looking at has high price compared to other similar looking pearls. It is quite possibly due to its smooth and lustrous surface.


This one might seem obvious as pearls are known for their sparkly white shine. High-quality pearls would have a mirror-like shine which would never fade away. As they are natural in nature, they won’t fade even after a long time.


When all the other factors are satisfied, the factor that comes next is the size of the pearl. The bigger the pearl is, the pricier it would be. The reason behind this is that larger pearls need more caution and expertise to deal with and be designed into jewelleries. This also the reason that the pearls used in the pearl necklaces are more expensive than the one used in pearl bracelets.

So, if you too are looking into investing into pearl jewellery or accessory, go ahead. Pearls are in trend right now which makes it much easier to find good designs and nice deals. When you are buying a pearl jewellery make sure that the dealer is a certified dealer of pearls and the pearls used are authentic in nature. If you are confused you can enquire about the authenticity of the pearl beforehand as well.

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