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The Connection between Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is the name given to a condition where it is not possible for man to retain firmness which enables penetration and completion of the physical act of sex. This is a highly persisting issue found in males across the world. Almost 40% of Australianpopulation is affected by the issue.

While there are many physical and psychological reasons liable for the condition. Smoking cigarettes is one key issue which in the recent times can be charged guilty for erectile dysfunction. As disclosed by a survey done in Australia in 2006, it was declared that smoking cigarettes can increase the chances of ED by almost 30%.


Erection takes place when the male organ stimulates as a result of the signals aroused by the nerves and the brain. This results in a great rush of flow in the enlarged blood vessels and the organ tissues. As a result the organ firms up, the blood vessels than close off so that the erection retains. Smoking cigarette can cause blood circulation issues in the body. A layer of tobacco, nicotine and other harmful chemicals settles in the arteries and blood vessels reducing the capacity of the latter. As a consequence along with leaving a detrimental impact on the lungs, heart, kidneys and brain; it also negatively impacts the blood flow in the required quantity for the erection to sustain, thus resulting in the issues of erectile dysfunction.


Smoking cigarettes tend to have negative impacts on the sexual life of a person.Erectile dysfunction can further lead to lowering of morale and self-confidence. Smoking cigarette also lead to a decline in sex life as the desire of sex reduces due to the intake of harmful elements. As per a study conducted in Australia; the desire to perform sex decreases in both the genders as a result of both passive and active smoking. While in males the ratio is almost 2 times in smokers not pleased with sex while for females it is 1.5.

Smoking even causes reproduction and infertility issues. The quality of sperm decreases along with the chances of conception. Furthermore smoking also results in the possible damage of the DNA of the conceived child.Buy vilitra20mg solution for a better relief solution.

The probability of erectile dysfunction is directly proportional to the number of cigarettes consumed. In a research performed on Australian man it was deduced that; a smoker who consumes more than 20 cigarettes daily have almost 15% chances of ED as compared to 10% of smokers who consume less than 20 cigarettes in a day.


Australia has one of the most effective systems for tobacco reduction. The harmful habit can be abandoned with a strong individual will along with support from ones partner, family and friends.
Effective communication with your partner will surely provide further motivation to improve your health along with reducing the chances of contracting fatal diseases. The most effective approaches of quitting are:

·         Taking a strong willed decision to not smoke and abiding regularly by it.
·         Distract the brain and body by getting involved in innovative activities.
·         Consulting a doctor and take in medications which help to quit.
·         Using a replacement such as the likes of gums, pills, inhalers and sprays.
·         Physically keeping yourself active.
·         Socializing in no smoking zones with people who boost the quitting.


Smoking is injurious for your body and health. Leaving the bad habit and shifting towards a healthy living have a long lasting positive impact on the life of an individual.Get help from Vialis Meds and feel Improvement in Erectile Dysfunction will surely take place after quitting. Appealing sexual life along with a high chance of conceiving will brighten up living and life!

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