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Pick wall colors according to Vastu guidelines

The colors painted on your walls not just affect your mood, but also generate vibes that can affect your life indirectly. So, it is important to take into consideration the VastuShastra while selecting the house paint color. It helps in stimulating the human emotions and also has a strong psychological impact.

According to the Vastu experts, an appropriate selection of the color should be done based on the direction of the house.

Here are a few guidelines that should be followed before finalizing the color for the wall -

l  North - The walls in this direction should be painted with all shades of green. North direction is ruled by mercury and so green is the ideal color for this direction.

l  South - The walls in the south direction should be painted with red and yellow. Apart from that, you can also use the dark shades of coral in this direction.

l  East - The ideal color for this direction is white or light blue. The wall in this direction should be painted in light colors for the prosperity and well-being of the owner of the house and his family.

l  West - The best color for this wall is any shade of blue, as this direction is water element. Also, you can use white color for the wall in this direction.

Here are the colors according to the various rooms -

l  Master Bedroom - The master bedroom should be also made in the south-west direction and should be painted with colors like pink, blue, etc. You can also paint it in the shades of white and light brown.

l  Living Room - The living room should be painted with bright colors and a smart mix and match of colors on the wall can be a great idea. You can also use texture paint.

l  Pooja Room - The pooja room should be made in the northeast part of the house and you can choose a very light color like a peach. Wood finishes will look wonderful here.

l  Kitchen - The kitchen should be in the southeast direction and you can choose to paint it from rose pink, orange, etc.

l  Bathroom - Bathrooms should never be painted in dark colors. It is best to paint it with light yellow, light blue, and white.

l  Main entrance - The main entrance is one of the most parts of the house. You should be extra careful while choosing color as it attracts good and bad energies. You can use the shades of white for this area.

If you have any doubts regarding the choice of colors, you can contact Aapka Painter for advice. They can help you to come up with amazing combinations and can also paint your living space with vibrant colors so that it emits positive vibes. So, are you ready to give your house a new look according to the VastuShastra?

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