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If you have sagging breasts then go for the Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also called augmentation mammoplasty. It’s a surgery to enhance breast size and shape for medical and cosmetic reasons. Women might have to undergo breast augmentation in case they have breast removed or damaged due to breast cancer surgery or trauma. It is usually done by placing implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. Women undergo Breast Augmentation to feel more confident and attractive. A well endowed woman can’t be ignored by anyone and they naturally look more youthful and gorgeous.

There are various kinds of breast implants available like saline, silicone and gummy bears. Although Silicone based implants are more popular due to their benefits as they mimic the human skin and give the natural touch and feel compared to the other ones. Also since silicone based implants are more popular; they come more shapes and sizes as options.

Silicone Implants or Saline Implants?

Around 70% of the women use silicone based implants. Due to their light weight silicone implants are also suggested if women want to enhance their breasts significantly especially in round shape as they are more comfortable and cause minimum load to women chest thus not introducing problems associated with bigger breasts in women like chest pain, back pain and shoulder pain due to their weight. Silicone based implants also last much longer then their saline cousins but need to be surgically removed if they rupture accidentally as silicone will cause pain and discomfort if leaked inside the chest.

Saline based implants are however, considered safer as they are filled with saline water instead of silicone gel and if they rupture the water dissolves in the body and extracted through urinary tract. Saline based implants are recommended for women who are not looking for significant enhancement in breast size and are also a cheaper and safer alternative to silicone.

Things which need to be considered however that is Implants won’t prevent your breasts from sagging.

·         If you have sagging breasts then breast lift is the only option which can be done along with the surgery. Breast Implants are not permanent and a re-surgery has to be done in case the implant gets ruptured by an accident or dislocated with ageing or change of body proportions. Breast implants may also hamper breast feeding in women.
·         If you are looking for breast augmentation or breast implants choose a well qualified and experienced doctor only as an inexperienced surgeon may cause severe disappointments and heart break by leaving visible scars, improper placement of nipple, bleeding or rashes, infection, uneven or unsatisfactory shape and size of breasts post surgery. Thus having you book another surgical appointment for later.
·         Only choose a surgeon who has been doing this process on regular basis and has lot of regular patients and positive testimonies and reviews. Make sure to check the before and after photos and openly discuss your medical history and current medical conditions. Discuss your body goals and let him guide you with the process involved, ease of the procedure, potential side effects, recovery period, pre and post operative instructions and precautions.

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