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How to choose the right vegetable cutter?

If you are someone who has an enormous love for cooking but; feels problematic to cut vegetables, you are not the only one. A million of women who do this work on a daily routine find the process of vegetable chopping most boring and wearying. However, what if we say that there is one way that will help you to get rid of this tiring process? Everyone wants their job to be done with minimal efforts and high accuracy. The vegetable cutters available in the market will help a lot in this matter. 

You might be wondering that out of thousands of vegetable cutters in the market, which one you should choose. To bring you out of this confusion and make this process super easy for you, we are here to help you by citing some necessary points to take care of while buying a good vegetable cutter:

1. Mode of use:

Vegetable cutters usually come in two kinds- manual and electrical. A manual vegetable cutter is operated by hands. On the other hand, an electrical vegetable cutter runs with the help of a battery. You will have to invest less energy on an electric cutter. You can readily turn on the switch, and that's all. You have fresh and finely chopped vegetables ready to use.

2. Different kinds of cutters:

Manual vegetable cutters are more widely used to avoid electrical problems in the device. Let us look at the 3 kinds of manual choppers used worldwide:

1. Box type: These are the most conventional kind of vegetable choppers. The box is divided into many long rectangular sections. You have to put the vegetable inside the box, and the blade on top of the box cuts the vegetable into long pieces. It is best for making finger chips.

2. Food processor: You will need to place the vegetable inside the container. The blade fitted in the container cuts the vegetables as you rotate the handle.

3. Pulley cutters: It has a similar mechanism of action like a food processor except that the pulley is provided instead of the handle.

3. Capacity:

The number of vegetables that you can accommodate inside the container determines the capacity of it. It varies from person to person; you can start by counting the number of people in your family to choose the right size.

4. Ease of use:

The primary purpose behind buying a vegetable cutter is to cut the need for challenging tasks. The electric cutters are extremely easy to use; but, you have to be careful about the safety. If you do not want to invest extra money on the electric cutters, go for the manual box types. They are the most convenient ones.

5. Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning of the manual vegetable cutters is much easier than electrical ones. You will need to separate the rest of the jar from the electrical source to clean it thoroughly. However, you can readily clean the manual cutters without much problem.

6. Functions:

Many choppers are only made for chopping, while a few others can also perform tasks like grinding, mixing, and slicing. Make sure to buy a versatile cutter to make more use of it.
These were the essential points to consider while buying a vegetable cutter. Thank you!

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