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Everything you need to know about bike racks for SUV

The SUVs are specifically designed for the busy lifestyles, they offer plenty of interior room for coolers, suitcases, and others. Also, the SUVs provide comfortable seating to the users. But, sometimes when the adventure is long, the interior space does not seem to be enough. In such situations, the bike racks come into play. Installing a bike carrier or rack to the SUV makes it easy for the users to carry their beach cruiser or mountain bike along with them to the trips.

If you are a weekend adventurer or an avid cyclist, then installing a bike rack to your SUV could be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Below, in our article, we are going to talk all about the bike racks for SUVs. Go ahead and read the article mindfully.

What you need to know before shopping for the bike racks?

It is very important to gather some information about the bike racks before starting to shop for the bike racks. Take out your time and try asking yourself some important questions such as:

·         What are the types of bikes that you own?
·         How many bikes do you want to carry?
·         How much amount you can invest on the bike racks?
·         How frequently do you need to carry the bikes?

What are the different bike racks for SUVs?

1. Hitch-mounted bike racks: The Hitch-mounted bike racks prove to be a perfect choice for pickup trucks and SUVs. There are easy to install and are one of the most famous options among the users. The height of the hitch-mounted bike racks makes it easy for the users to unload and load the bikes.The hitch-mounted bike racks are available in various designs and it can accommodate two to five bikes at a time.

2. Strap-on trunk racks: The strap-on trunk racks are considered to be a good option for people who do not like to invest in a tow hitch. The installation process is easy and fast. Such bike racks can accommodate one to three bikes at a time. The strap-on trunk bike racks are considered best for the SUVs, thanks to their compactness and lightweight.

3. Spare tire bike racks: The spare tire bike racks are considered best for people whose SUVs have a spare tire on the back portion. The spare tire bike racks offer easier access to the trunk. Such bike racks have the same height as the tire and because of this reason the users can easily load and unload the bikes from the bike rack. Such racks can accommodate one to two bikes at a time.

4. Roof-mounted bike racks: A roof-mounted bike rack is best for avid cyclists. They are mounted on the roof of the SUVs. Such bike racks are easy to secure the cargo boxes and kayaks. The unloading and loading of the bikes becomes easier if the users have someone to help them.

That’s pretty much all about the bike racks for SUVs!

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