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Cement Tests Required To Conducted Before Construction

While constructing a building, cement is the most important ingredient or raw material. Cement is mixed with an appropriate amount of sand and water to make an aggregate paste which is further used in making pillars and is even used as a binder in roads, schools, housing dams, and ports, etc. But before using this mixture or aggregate, it is necessary to test it with cement testing equipment. You can get assistance and services from the best cement testing machine manufacturers who can aid you in the same. As this aggregate is made up by adding various ingredients and therefore, it necessitates the testing of end mixture to meet the compliance and specifications requirements.

Various Cement tests conducted for ensuring various standards: -

• Compressive strength: For improving the strength of the building, it is important to check the strength of the raw material or binder used. The binder includes the mortar and concrete. The compressive strength of this binder is checked by crushing this binder into a compressing machine and the strength is determined by the stress or force applied to crush the mixture.
• Tensile strength: This test is undertaken to understand the bond between the cement particles. Tensile strength is proportional and relatively less as compared to compressive strength. It is simple and less costly. This test is undertaken in a uniaxial tension machine in which briquettes (made of cement, sand, and mortar) are split and molded. The tension or load requires to do the same refers to tensile strength. There are some other methods also to conduct this test if the uniaxial tension machine is not available.
• Fineness: The fineness of the mixture is measured by air permeability in the cement particles. Apart from this, the smaller the particles, the more is the surface area of the powder in terms of volume as the smallest particles have more ability to contain a large number of contacts.
• Consistency and setting time: The consistency test is conducted to check the amount of water required to make a perfect blend of cement. In this test, it is checked that how much time is taken by water to set or harden the cement and how much time it takes to harden after applying on the surface is known ad setting time test. This test is done with the help of the Vicat needle test in which the needle has penetrated the cement to check whether the cement has hardened enough or not.
• Soundness: It is an important test and is done to check the ability of hardened cement paste i.e. whether it has retained the surface volume after setting or not.

Hence, these are some cement tests which are required to conduct to ensure that the specifications are complied with. You can get these tests done through the best cement testing machine manufacturers. This will improve the workings and strength of the building. Moreover, it will help you to retain your goodwill as a constructor or builder and help in cost-cutting as it will ensure less wastage of material and improve your reasonable time of waiting for the preparation of paste or mixture.

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