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Can mosquitoes get through screen windows?

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Mosquitoes can get inside your house through many inlets, including windows. This is the reason why screens are installed on windows in homes located in places having a high mosquito population. However, many people complain that mosquitoes get inside their houses despite window screens. This begins the question, do the mosquitoes pass through screen windows? The answer is yes, the mosquitoes can pass through screen windows in case of holes large enough on the screen or if there is some other problem with the screen.

Hole in the screen 

If the hole is large enough, the mosquitoes can pass through it. The lengths of mosquitoes usually range between 3 and 6 millimetres. The number of strands per inch of a screen is usually between 16 and 18. Taking the space occupied by the strands into consideration, the usual size of holes on a screen is 1 millimetre. Thus, the hole is small enough to prevent mosquitoes from passing through the screen. Research showed that mosquitoes could not pass through holes less than 10 millimetres in length. Therefore, holes of larger sizes enable mosquitoes to get inside. 

The mosquitos fly into the screen, change their positions and fly into the screen again. If a hole large enough is detected, the mosquitos get through it. Some species of mosquitoes try a few times before giving up while many species try many times. Mosquitoes can also crawl on the screens to look for large holes through their legs. 


The space between the screen and the window frame also provides access to the mosquitoes into the house. A mesh screen designed specifically as per the size of the window does not leave gaps between it and the window frame. 

Attractants for mosquitoes 

Mosquitoes get attracted to windows due to a number of factors such as heat, light and humidity which provide them with the opportunity to exploit the holes and other imperfections in the screen to get inside. A warm lamp or tea kept near the screened window attracts mosquitoes. Similarly, potted plant or a container filled with standing water also attracts mosquitoes since they are sources of moisture. Thus, such things must not be placed near windows. You should buy a mosquito net for windows.

How to avoid? 

Sealants can be used to close small holes on the screen. The most suitable sealant for closing holes on metal screens is silicone adhesive. For fibreglass and vinyl screens, the best sealant is clear nail polish. The hole on a metal screen can also be repaired by sewing a spare metal strand on the hole using a conventional sewing needle. 

To repair a large hole on the screen, a piece of material similar to the screen material can be glued over the hole. The size of the piece must be at least an inch bigger than the hole. The screen repair kit can also be used to repair a large hole. Such kits are widely available in the market. 

In case there are gaps between the screen and the window frame, seal those gaps using silicone caulk or some other sealant.  

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