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5 Reasons to Switch to Organic hair color

Organic hair colors are made from organic extracts. At this point, let us understand that there are no hair color brands that are 100% organic. Having said that, organic hair color brands are safe, reliable, and deliver the same experience as their artificial counterparts. Indeed, in this day and age, if you are not applying a good organic colour to your hair, you are missing out on something.

So, why should you go in for an Ayurvedic hair color? Carry on reading for your answers.

1.      Organically naturalcolor brands keep your hair damage-free

How often have you heard about hair damage from your hair stylist? Extraordinarily little, we would guess.

Organically natural hair colors do not bleach the hair colouration which lies in the cortex of hair strands. They, instead form a color coating over the hair cuticle, i.e. over the outer layer of hair, thereby not just giving it the desired color, but also adding to its mass making your hair look well colored and voluminous. Thus, with an organic hair colour, Mother Nature ensures that all her bounties help us in one way or the other.

2.      For sensitive scalps

Hair grows from the scalp, and there is no way your hair colour will not touch your head. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid all those colours that contain artificial pigments in large amounts. These chemicals, besides varying your hair pH, can also trigger infections and allergies on your scalp. 

You can reduce these irritations by going in for Ayurveda-based hair colours. These products do have some chemicals, but their concentration is far too low to affect your scalp. Many organic hair color brands contain aloe, orange peel, etc. that soothe sensitive skins. These products also have pharmaceutical grade chemicals that reduce skin discomfort.

3.      Safe for you, and your stylist

According to the World Health Organization, hair styling and dressing is one of the riskiest professions in the world. Our hair stylists have to deal with so many brands that contain dangerous chemicals; these may cause breathing problems to you in the future.

According to the National Cancer Institute, non-organic hair colour brands are associated with certain forms of cancer such as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

If you are expecting a baby, your artificial hair colour brand might be fatal for your unborn child. It may also lead to life-long asthma.

Fortunately, now we have many organic hair colour brands that have very few chemicals. This means saying goodbye to respiratory problems and potential skin allergies. Your hair stylist will be grateful for your choice of your hair colour.

4.      Ethically sourced

Many popular hair colour brands have murky histories. These contain chemicals that impact our environment significantly. Upon disposal, these chemicals spoil our rivers, soil, and also our plants. In short, hair colours that contain large amounts of artificial pigments are bad for our planet.

If you truly value our Earth, it is time you began using Ayurveda-based hair colours. These are produced naturally and are absolutely in sync with our environment.

5.      Generates Employment

When you buy a packet of organic hair colour, you are generating employment and other economic opportunities for farmers, salesmen, and traders. Do your bit for nation building by using Ayurveda-based hair colour brands.

To sum up, you should consider organic hair colour brands for your health, the well being of your foetus, and of course for your hair. These products aren’t very costly, and can fit your budget easily.

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