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Side By Side Refrigerator Advantages and Disadvantages

The kitchen is a significant part of a home; this is where we cook meals and share them with our family. And for the proper functioning of the kitchen, you need appliances like a stove, fridge, and chimney. The fridge is where we store or food to keep them fresh and for easy access. Refrigerators have become part and parcel of a kitchen, today it is highly unlikely to function without a fridge.

The market offers a variety of refrigerator styles like top mount fridges, French door fridges and side by side door fridges. A side by side door fridge is more effective and adds style and character to our kitchen.

Here we have discussed a list of pros and cons of side by side refrigerators for your consideration.

Advantages of side by side refrigerators

·         Compartmentalization of items:

A side by side refrigerator is much more organized. It consists of vertical compartments that can be used to store and organize different items. In a side by side refrigerator, you can store items from top to bottom. Commonly used items can be stored at the top and the rest at the bottom. This type of refrigerator allows for easy access to food.

· It uses energy more effectively

In a side by side refrigerator, you can save more energy. The logic behind this is pretty simple, as we open only one side of the door for accessing sometimes we need. This prevents the expulsion of air all at once and reduces the time taken to cool again.

·         Offers more freezer space

A side by side refrigerator provides more freezer space than other models. The extra freezer space is very convenient to store freezer meals and extra meat.

· It is more space convenient

Since a side by side refrigerator is made of two doors, it takes less space to swing open a door. Moreover, a side by side fridge is more stylish with a cluttered feel and clean design.

Disadvantages of side by side refrigerator

· Size of the fridge

The main drawback of a side by side refrigerator is its size. The size of this type of fridge is larger than the other styles. They are also wider than other fridges.

·         Shelving of a side by side fridge is small

Though a side by side refrigerator provides more space for storing, their shelves are smaller. These shelves can be adjustable in a few models, yet they are not suitable for storing large meals during a celebration or parties.

· You need to bend a lot

On a side and side, the refrigerator consists of shelves from top to bottom for more storage. But for accessing the lower parts of a fridge, you need to bend, which may not be convenient at all times.

· Side by side refrigerator offers less fridge space

In a side by side refrigerator, the freezer and fridge section is divided equally. This means that the model has less fridge space than other models like top and bottom refrigerator and French door refrigerator.

Bottom Line:

It is highly impossible to find a fridge style that suits all families. But a side by side refrigerator is very effective as it promotes organization and less use of energy with ample space for freezer storage.

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