Reasons Why Digital Marketers Should Transcribe Their Videos

July 16, 2020 RAWAT 0 Comments

Digital marketing is the part and parcel of the modern-day corporate world. Digital marketing is carried out in a variety of ways but predominantly in the form of content marketing.
Content marketing is again carried out in the form of both textual and AV forms. Textual content marketing is interesting especially when the same is being paired with relevant graphics.
AV content marketing or simply video content marketing is more suited for digital marketing content carried out in social media sites that are made for short videos.
There are various ways to make textual content deliver promising results to its creators, for instance, SEO. Similarly, video content created for digital marketing or advertising campaigns too need boost from certain tools to fulfil set goals.
Video content creators working with leading digital marketing companies never fail to sing songs of praise about companies offering video transcription services and the reasons are as follows -

It helps improving customer experience

When a digital marketer takes assistance from video transcription service providers, they are helping the former to improve the overall experience of the customers as well as new visitors to the former’s online portals such as –

       Their social media sites
       Official website and the likes.
Reading the dialogues as one is viewing a marketing video allows the person to better understand or rather connect with the content at the grassroots level.

It makes marketing-related content more accessible

Video transcription also ensures that digital marketing content is not only catering to the needs of the able-bodied but also to the ones who are differently-able, for instance, the hearing-impaired.

It helps in capturing the attention of the audience

People these days lead pretty busy lives hence most are more lenient towards video content over static textual content. But there is a problem with this.
For instance, an employee on their break or a traveller at an airport is viewing marketing content. Sure they have their headphones on but ambient noise and visual distractions are keeping them from connecting with the content they are viewing. This keeps the content from unlocking its true potential and fails to convert the viewer into a client.
This issue can be overcome when a digital marketer encloses closed captions with their marketing content and that too in a plethora of popular languages. This breaks the language barrier, allows the content to resonate with the global audience and ensures a business can gain new clients from all over the globe!
Need more convincing!?
If digital marketers are unable to achieve their marketing goals, then they should start taking assistance from video transcription service providers – it is as simple as that!