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Menstrual cup Do's and Don'ts

Menstrual cups have gained a lot of appreciation by users and gynecologists in recent days. Many women have experienced safe and hygienic periods by using menstrual cups. These cups have entirely replaced the sanitary napkins in some parts of the world. It happened because women started to acquire about the benefits of using menstrual cups. 

These cups are extremely easy to use and are environmentally friendly. You do not need to own many sets of these cups as they are very long-lasting. A lot of women who are using the menstrual cup for the first time might have some trouble while inserting and using it. We are here to clear all the doubts and frequently asked questions related to menstrual cups. Here are some do's and don’ts of using a menstrual cup:

1. Let us start with the do’s:

·         Whatever brand you choose, make sure to read the instructions provided in the instruction manual that came with the cup.

·         Make sure that you have ample of time while putting it inside for the first time. Putting a menstrual cup in hurry is never advised as you might go wrong.

·         Make sure to select the right size for your cervix and vagina. If you don't know the correct measurement; start by measuring the length of your vagina and determining whether you have a high or low cervix.

·         Try folding the menstrual cup rim before inserting it inside the vagina. Practice different kinds of folding and choose the one which is most comfortable for you. After this only, insert the cup.

·         The most convenient position for inserting a menstrual cup in beginners is the squatting position. It is because all your pelvic muscles are relaxed and you won’t feel any tension or pull while doing the procedure.

·         If you cannot approach the stem of the menstrual cup easily due to any reason; push down the cup with the help of your pelvic muscles like you are performing a maneuver.

·         Grab the step of the cup gently and proceed towards the base of the cup. Holding the base of the cup, try to remove it by a gentle pull.

·         Make sure to lubricate the rim of the cup before inserting it inside. Inserting it without lubrication can cause pain and discomfort. Lubrication makes the insertion easier and smoother.

·         While inserting a menstrual cup, make sure to insert it in a tilted direction towards your sacrum. It is the most comfortable position because your vagina also lies in a similar position.

·         Wash the menstrual cup with running water after every use. Make sure to dry it before storing it inside a pouch. Always keep it in the pouch that comes with the cup itself. It helps the cup to remain dry and breathable. 

2. Do not forget the don’ts:

·         Do not panic while removing the menstrual cup. If you think that this cup would push upside and disappear, it is never going to happen. A vagina is a sealed cavity. It does not connect to your gut or bladder in any way.

·         Do not use a menstrual cup if you have any pelvic inflammatory disease like any yeast, fungal or bacterial infections. Doing this can make your cup infected; even if you sterilize the cup after every use, you still have the chance of infection in the next use.

That was all about the do and don’ts of using a menstrual cup. All the best ladies!

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