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6 Must-Have Necklaces to Glam-Up Your Wardrobe

For centuries necklaces have been a quintessential accessory for women. Ever since they have been adorning necklines and grabbing the attention of onlookers. For a lot of fashionistas out there necklaces are deemed as essential jewelry staples.

So, if you desire to add a spark to your look, a beautiful necklace is all that you need. Given below are the five most beautiful necklace types that should part of every woman’s wardrobe:

1. Long Necklace

Long necklaces are usually single chain necklaces that are about 75cm. These necklaces hang between lower bust and bellybutton. The long necklaces are the most versatile neckpieces that instantly add drama to your look. They can be easily stacked, twisted, looped, and knotted in a number of ways. These necklaces have been ruling trends for years and are unlikely to go out of style. Check out endless patterns of long gold necklace designs with price at Melorra, definitely, you will never go wrong with these classic neckpieces. 


2. Pendant Necklace

The whimsical patterns and designs of pendant necklaces have been delighting jewelry lovers worldwide. These are one of the most commonly worn necklace types. Ranging from diamond pendant designs for girls to classic lockets and charms, there are almost endless patterns to compliment your style. Pendant necklaces are subtle, sober, and elegant. They can be donned with all kinds of outfits. 

3. Choker or Collar Necklace

Chokers or collar necklaces are usually shorter and fit closely around the neck. These necklaces have been in trend for quite long. These fatal pieces of attraction offer you a huge assortment of designs to suit your formal as well as casual attires. From delicate to chunky, you have endless options to explore. Also, you can wear them in any way, either single or in layers by stacking with a long necklace.

4. Charm Necklace

Jazz up your look with these beautiful charm necklaces. Encapsulating goodness and charm these necklaces provide a lot of scope for personalization. You can behold your personal memoirs in the wee charms falling close to your neckline. These necklaces exude the personal style and taste of a wearer. Whether you wear them alone or stack them with varying length necklaces, the charm necklaces gonna make you look fab. 

5. Bib Necklace

This dramatic piece of jewelry adorns you by beautifully resting against your chest like a bib. These necklaces featuring oversized pearls, beads, jewels, geometric designs, and vibrant colors add fierceness to your look. These necklaces have a wide front portion called ‘bib’ and feature the same length as a collar necklace. The bib in these necklaces is the major piece of attraction and from the back, they are held by a thin chain. This statement piece is ideal for jewelry lover ladies who want to speak volumes and have fun with their accessories. 

The Parting Words… 

Necklaces are a wonderful way to enhance your appeal. From a high fashion gala to formal get-togethers, there is a necklace for every mood and atmosphere. So, add rejuvenation to your not-so-appealing outfits with these gorgeous neckpieces. 

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