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5 Best Day Trips From Dubai You Should Go

However, everybody knows that Dubai is a multi-faceted city with something to do for all kinds of travelers. A quick getaway from the city takes you to some of the most fascinating natural and man-made wonders, where you can have fun blast!

In addition, you can diverse from the sparkling lights of Dubai city, here are 5 super day trips from Dubai to discover the beauty of the UAE beyond the obvious attractions. Get ready to see a beyond attraction. Just get your booking to Dubai through the emirates official website and grab the best holiday package at very affordable rates. Book now and explore these places on your own and must visit these places for an amazing Dat trip experience.

Abu Dhabi

The capital city of the UAE and the more counterpart of Dubai. Abu Dhabi is an extravagant city, with a modest soul. The sparkle may be lesser, however, the city's character is nearer to the indigenous foundations of the nation. When in Abu Dhabi, you should visit the superb Sheik Zayed Mosque or White Mosque as it is prevalently called. This shining white mosque with perplexing marble work will leave you hypnotized with its sheer magnificence.
Aside from the mosque, Abu Dhabi has a large group of attractions like Yas Island (for water parks, F1 circuit, and so forth.), Emirates Palace (a sublime royal residence lodging), Ferrari World (a unique Ferrari themed event congregation), Marina Mall (a waterfront shopping complex), and some more.
Distances from Dubai: 140 kilometers

Ras al Khaimah

The quieter of the emirates, Ras al Khaimah is a smallest town about 90 minutes drive from Dubai and is the ideal escape for a loosening up day out of the city. Numerous new desert resorts have grown around Ras al Khaimah, and it is progressively turning into an extraordinary spot for a rough terrain desert camp understanding.
A portion of different attractions in Ras al Khaimah incorporates the Museum of Ras al Khaimah (a stronghold transformed into an exhibition hall), Dayah Fort (a shocking 16t-century fortress on a ridge), Jazirat al-Hamra ( a relinquished fishing town), Khatt Springs (underground aquifers with helpful properties), and a few other memorable landmarks which recount to the narrative of UAE's indigenous roots.
Distance from Dubai: 114 kilometers


Dubai's preferred seashore escape, Fujairah is known for its tough slopes, bending ocean side streets, beating surf, and a white sandy stunning coast-line. Individuals from Dubai head to Fujairah for its distinct stone slopes, exciting water sports, or for a pleasant outing at the seashore.
A portion of the other mainstream attractions incorporates Al Bidyah Mosque (the most established mosque of the UAE), Fujairah Fort (a 17th-century customary Arab post), and the flawless tranquil seashores and corniche along the ocean.
Distance from Dubai: 164 kilometers


Such a beautiful oasis in the desert, Al Ain will surprise you with its tree-lined roads, its sprawling parks, and its greenery. The “Garden City of UAE” reflects the opulence of the UAE and attracts visitors from Dubai for its wonderful architecture, the Jabal Hafeet hills for the panoramic view of the city, Al Ain Zoo, and beautifully landscaped parks which dot the city.
Distance from Dubai: 149 kilometers


Take a detour from your holiday in Dubai, and head to Musandam, an Omani peninsula bordering with the UAE. This spell-binding natural retreat is popular for its day cruises along the jagged coastline, fishing tours to discover the thriving marine life and for the panoramic views from atop the high mountains surrounding the waters. Make your way through the fjords and inlets and if you’re lucky you might spot a dolphin or two!
Distance from Dubai: 191 kilometers

Last words

So, which of these day trips will you be taking on your next visit to Dubai? Start planning now and get your booking to this awesome place by dialing the vistara contact number and get instant booking under your budget. Book now and visit these places with your family or friends to have a better experience.

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