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Importance of Medicinal Plants and Herbs

From the pre-historic times, plants have been used for their medicinal characters. The ancient manuscripts and Chinese writings well described the use of herbs. Indian Vedas also mentions how people are using these herbs for 4000 years as medicines. Ayurveda the branch of science which uses the ayurvedic or we can say natural organic plant parts to treat patients never fails to impress mankind. Thanks to the healing properties of these herbs. There are many tribal remedies which are adopted by the medical science to treat patients. The traditional system of drugs is alive even today; the people of India have more faith in organic product medicines. It makes the immune system strong to fight with every pathogen actively. It makes the body able to heal from inside rather than admitting strong enzymes and chemicals inside the body. It may be slower than allopathic ones but the former has the healing rate higher than later. 

There are many advantages of practicing traditional systems of medicine like – 

·         They help to control the population without surgical methods
·         In case of drugs supply become inadequate they can easily replace them
·         Pocket-friendly option and access to large number of population
·         Least side effects
·         Develop resistance to germs and pathogens

Not only in the medicinal field, the herbal market expanding as the cosmetic manufacturers. There are many private label cosmetic products available in the market. From herbal creams to the conditioners, variety of products are available for customers. The herbal products are the first choice of the youth as they give a natural glow to the skin and also help to get remedy from various skin problems like acne, fungal infections, and allergies. They remove the dead skin cells and let the skin heal them. These products are a repository of many nutrients that our body requires to stay healthy. 

There are many herbs used in cosmetic products. Some of them are –

·         Shampoo and soaps – aloe vera leaves, myrrh, deodar, shikaki, bhrigraj, china rose and sandalwood
·         Skin – sweet flag, aloe, neam, sandalwood, oranges, garlic, marigold, and wheat germ
·         Sore eyes – cucumber, neem, turmeric, and coriander
·         Prevents hair loss – galanga, lemon, saffron, and manjistha
·         Wound healing – Gotu kola, zedoary, orris and Heena

The list of products does not end here. India is famous for herbal product production. This makes our country a leading exporter of these herbal products and generates revenues for the economy. There are numerous cosmetic private label manufacturers in the market. If you are also seeking business, this industry is the best option to choose. It is generating a good amount of profits for businessmen. It is a leading industrial sector with many options for investment. You can design your label with the help of companies already working in this field. For more information and to interact with reputed industries or to take guidance from them related to the business, you can search online. 

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