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How to use a Meat Carving Fork?

A carving fork is a typical utensil put to use to slice fish, meats as well as poultry. Long tines of the meat carving fork enable it to go further into the meat. This feature can be used to maintain the meat as stable as possible while slicing it. It is highly recommended to begin from the top middle position of the meat and then cut across to obtain thin slices.

Rules of Carving

       Rest the meat before carving. There exist many procedures for this: one-third of the cooking period
       Ten minutes per inch of thickness and Twenty minutes per kg
       Just as the major temperature of the meat has reduced to 50ºC, the muscular fibres of the meat must have relaxed completely.
       Make sure that the knife is sharp. One should go easy when using a long meat carving knife. Use the knife which is sharp to make long-stroke cuts.
       There is no rule that the slices of the meat should be thin only. It doesn’t matter if the slices are thin, thick, or regular as long as you are happy with slicing as well as eating it.
       As mentioned earlier, make use of a meat carving fork to keep the large pieces of meat in place. However, one must slice it either away from the tines or parallel to them. Experts use carving forks to put some pressure on the wings as well as the legs when carving.
       Carving birds is simple in the event when the wishbone is taken off right before cooking. This provides you with an uninterrupted slice via the breast.
       When it comes to turkeys, chickens, etc. it is best if you locate the hip joints originating from inside the cavity by using a sharp knife before the cooking process.
       Remove both the legs by performing vertical cuts via the hip joint. Attempt to leave behind a healthy chunk of meat right at the bottom of the wing. Take off the breast whole. The breast sliced across the grain. With the heel of the knife, proceed via the knee. Go along with the knife and let it discover its way.
       Carving a venison or lamb’s leg can be done by gripping the bone that is covered in a cloth with one hand and elevating it up and then cutting it. Raise it from the board and use long strokes to cut. Cut parallel to the bone and off the body.
       To obtain a single boneless piece, cut the meat off of the beef ribs. Do this before slicing the meat across the grain. Split the ribs afterwards.
       When it comes to lamb, beef, or pork, only slice the number of pieces you wish to serve. This will help the meat to remain hot, whereas the leftovers can be stored. Poultry must be taken off entirely from the bone as quickly as possible.


Carving forks are put to use to hold food items safely at one spot. They also help in avoiding the use of hands while the food is being prepared. Long tines of the meat carving fork enable it to go further into the meat. These long tines help to keep the meat stable for carving.

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