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How to improve the lifespan of a paper shredder

What is a paper shredder?

A paper shredder is a piece of equipment in which the organizations and the individuals use them for cutting the paper in shreds, fine particles, or destroying the private, confidential, or any other sensitive documents.

Advantages of a paper shredder

The paper shredder offers you with some of the benefits:

       Provides superior document security – Are you trying to get rid of sensitive documents? The paper shredder gives you excellent document security as you can destroy the materials into fine particles, which avoids unnecessary leakages.
       Reduces the wasted paper size – The paper shredders help in incorporating the substantial waste reduction. The device converts the larger pieces of papers to smaller ones, which require lesser space for disposal.
       Quick and Easy – The paper shredder slices the sensitive documents to small particles in no time. That’s the reason many organizations prefer to buy this device as they want to maintain confidentiality.
       Reliability – Before paper shredders entered the market, the companies were arranging for the third party to destroy those files. Thanks to the technology that it has introduced a fantastic instrument like a paper shredder.
       Environment-friendly – The paper shredder not only maintains the secrecy but also makes way for recycling and reusing the papers. Hence, the process creates an organization environment-friendly.

What are the ways of improving the lifespan of a paper shredder?

If you buy a high-quality paper shredder under 100 dollar budget, it gets the maximum lifespan between 5 to 10 years. However, it depends on maintenance as well. The following are the ways of improving the paper shredder’s life.

         Make the paper shredder empty – The office shredders have many variations in different volumes. You need to shred and dump the bin once in a month, based on the capacity of your shredder. When you force more paper than the shredder’s ability to handle, the paper gets jammed. You may end up paying a hefty amount. In case of permanent damage, it also leads to replacement.
         Shredder Bags – A shredder bag with right size increases helps in increasing the life span or longevity. When a shredder cuts the paper, the dust gets generated. So, you need to make sure that you have a right shredder bag that stores the paper clippings and builds up the shredder’s parts.
         Clean and oil the shredder blades – Regular cleaning depends on how much you use the paper shredder. Dust and the paper bits affect the performance of a paper shredder. Periodic checking of your debris and spraying out the particles using a pressurized air increases the longevity.
         Operate the machine after the cooldown time– On running a paper shredder, your device gets heated. If you don’t give enough time for the heat to dissipate, it damages the motor, blades, and other parts. To avoid the damage, you need to cool down for at least 30 minutes.


Each paper shredder has a different capacity for storing the paper. When you make the bin empty, you need to install the container securely. Avoid feeding the folded papers for cutting, whatever may be the size.

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