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Top 3 waterproof Phones in 2020

A couple of months ago, in this very year of 2020 launched some very fine Latest Mobile Phones from different regions of the planet earth, which are quite expensive. I must say it is costly. But again, I think it would be vague if I made the word bold. But still, I must demonstrate the statement plainly and straightforwardly once more that the phone costs a fortune to have. The answer to the question determines how long it will resist exposure to Water. Here just underneath are the top three waterproof phones in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is at the top of our list out of three. For logical thought, here is the reasoning to my above demonstration of being at the top: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is capable of drowning down underneath the Water and never coming up for any life. Apparently, in simpler terms, it is the phone or, more suitably, a waterproof phone capable of resisting Water up to 30 minutes in a deep depth of 1.5 meters. The measurement of 1.5 meters is more than acceptable. Hence, it is all just possible because of the IP68 in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which makes the phone more impressive in the market among its fellow beings. Except, of course, that all the phone, waterproof phones ready to sell in the market looked a lot more likely to the Galaxy note 10 except on the matters of being waterproof.

Iphone XS max

There are thousands of phones available in the market all around the world as a matter of principle, but waterproof phones, especially the phones with quality, are rare to be found. This masterpiece of radical innovation and extraordinary specimen in the form of the Iphone XS max is just the right kind of subject. Which probably has to be in the list of waterproof phones in 2020. A phone with an IP68 waterproof capability allows you to resist Water for more than thirty minutes in-depth measured of 2 meters. For a waterproof phone, it gives us quite acceptable measurements. Equally important, Iphone XS max Price in Pakistan or in international market makes this subject a better place to be placed in a list of where we are working over. This is what the Iphone XS max looked like a powerful device to resist direct contact with Water.

Samsung Galaxy S20 plus

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is another latest piece of radically innovative device to make this world and a life a little bit better. The very first thing which you notice about Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is its build material framed up of Gorilla glass. To make this very subject even more durable, which it already is. The question, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, is much more reliable as to drown under the immeasurable depth, which you could do. As in terms of figures, the subject is capable of resting underneath the Water for more than a half-hour. While measuring its immeasurable depth, the measurements give us pictures of 1.5 meters. All that Water-resistant potentiality is possible because of the IP68, which the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus forms up within itself.

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