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Refrigeration And Display Equipment - Display Cold Stuff With Style!

What is Display Refrigeration?

Display refrigeration encompasses various types of equipment. These equipment are used to keep stuff cold and put them to display at the same time. Any kind of food can be put in a display refrigerator such as cakes, cold drinks, etc. These are available in various designs and with various temperature ranges. The refrigeration and displays both done together are required by businesses such as bakery, beer shops, cold-drink sellers, etc.

Generally, these display the stuff stored in them through a glass. This glass is towards the side facing the customer or on both sides. The large fridges with glass doors are an example of display refrigerators.

Equipment Classified as Display Refrigerator

·         A display refrigerator is a must for food shops. Some of the commercial equipment which can be classified as display refrigerator include:
·         Display Fridges: These are the large fridges with glass doors to see what is kept inside the fridge. These can be double or single doored. These are suitable for self-service places.
·         Display Freezers: These are Freezers with doors. For example, the large freezers where cakes are stored in bakeries. They perform the same role as of a display fridge but these operate at a lower temperature. These are used to store frozen foods and ice-creams in super-markets.
·         Bottle Coolers: These are a little smaller in size and are used to cool and store bottles and cans. These can be found in bars, restaurants, etc. Some like to keep small bottle coolers at home to keep their beer cans and cold drinks.
·         Wine Coolers: This is another equipment used in bars. These work same as bottle coolers but are shaped differently and these have variable and dual temperature options.
·         Multi decks: These are chillers that are open in the front and anyone can just grab stuff without having to open any door. These are very often seen in supermarkets to keep cold-drink cans. These cant go beyond a specific temperature. These are less effective than the fridges with doors but the display is better here.
·         Ice-Cream Display: These are freezers with a glass door at the top. Yes, instead of a door at the side, they have a door at the top. These can go to a very low temperature. 
·         Chocolate/Cake Displays: The display we generally see in bakeries have a glass on the customer side and a door on the sellers side. These are used to display bakery food and chocolates. The temperature ranges are the same as the fridge.

Apart from this refrigeration and displays can be done in many other types of equipment also. These are not just for display but also provide the exact temperature range required for the specific food item they store.

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